Yoyofactory Too HOT

Agreed. With so many amazing throws coming out at such stupidly low prices, it seems like they’re really trying to take over the low to mid range market (which lets face it, is where most of the money is). The Shutter itself must have easily been one of the best selling throws of 2013. I remember how much talk there was about it when people first discovered the price, it completely pushed YYF forward into the limelight.

Look at how many people kicked up a fuss about the price of the Valor recently. I don’t think that would have happened before the Shutter days…

I for one, am more than happy with the recent surge of low priced throws. Buy all the jojos!

First Shutter. Then CZM8. Now this? Why you do this yoyofactory? Why?!?!? Now I want them all! :wink:

I still think it’s better to get 1 YoYoRecreation then get a shutter, CZM8, and Too HOT ::slight_smile:

For some people a one time YYR purchase is a commitment they can’t make whereas one of these great value priced YYFs is much easier to swing with a very low budget, allowance from parents, etc. When I was young I would’ve had a much easier time convincing my parents to buy me 3-5 things for $30-50 over a period of time than $150 once.

Depends on the YYR. I would rather be playing my Werrd Minute than a few of the YYR I’ve tried. Not that they were bad, just not my thing.

REALLY want to try an Uragment and a Draupnir, but that’s another thread… :wink:

I probably won’t get all three. Just sayin it would be nice. I like the CZM8 and Too H.O.T out of the three.

About YYR- I currently have no need or justification for the purchase of a $150 yoyo. It’s not that YYR’s prices aren’t justified or unfair. I just can’t see myself convincing my mom that I need a $150 yoyo. Hard enough convincing myself.

the thing I disliked the most in the original hot was how sharp the edges were, looks like they rounded them out a bit which is a really good thing. Lower price is pretty amazing too :slight_smile:

The edges were sharp for them palm grinds Harold pulled off, but I did get a cut under my eye from them.

$50?! Wow, that’s awesome.

Does anyone know when in March these will be released?

How would it compare to a cascade, I have been wanting to get a cascade but it is expensive and seems too wide for my tastes. Will this be a better match for me? I liked the shutter a lot and hop this throw is made the same way and anodized just like the blasted shutter.

I have a H.O.T and a cascade.

If someone would tell me how to post pics I would be happy to do a comparison!!!

Lemme rephrase that; will someone please tell me how to post photos directly in a post so that they will instantly be visible and not have to go through a 3rd party or something?

I bought one off my friend, and its almost the exact width of the yyo Hatchet, which is 44mm. So its not superwide but its up there. Id say its about 44.2 or 44.3mm. It plays very smooth and I love the finish. Its my best grinder right now. Great IGR. Its a lot of rim weight. Not the greatest for horizontal especially when it hits your face. Cut me open literally. Not the fastest but very good for learning and chilling out. Can go fast. I like it. A lot of fun.

Its under the additional options button to the bottom left of the text box. Just attach the file you want. Id love to see that comparison if you dont mind :slight_smile:

There is a thread in unrelated discussions under sticky
Title; Pictures how do you post them
You can do it this way to have them show up directly wherever you want or link them directly under additional options

That’s the Ann Conely edition hot

Actually, it is a tooHOT prototype, according to yoyofactory, the maker of the tooHOT prototype.

I played w/ Clint Armstrong’s too hot today at the yyf tour 2014. They are smooooth and are pretty mid sized. He said they would be priced at $45! He also said they should be out in the very, very near future.

Sweet! I’ll post the pics tomorrow!

The Shutter and Cascade yoyos couldn’t be more different.

Shutter: Heavy, pretty large diameter, thick, slow-er playing.
Cascade: Very thin, small diameter, light, fast-er playing.

Here they are!

The cascade is a little bit lighter and feels thinner. Very similar finish.


  1. As is plainly visible, the H.O.T. has a larger diameter
  2. The gaps and response lips are virtually identical. The cascade is just a hairs-width narrower.
  3. Over-shot.
  4. Thought you might want to see.
  5. The last one was just too pretty not to post!

Let me know what you think

  1. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/07/ju8u8u2u.jpg
  2. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/07/eje6epy3.jpg
  3. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/07/ygygebyd.jpg
  4. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/07/adaqepys.jpg
  5. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/07/ny5yje9a.jpg

Let me know what you think!