YYJ Dark Magic II or YYF Too Hot

Between these 2 yoyo’s, I want to get peoples opinion on which one they would suggest.

Both are in the same price range, so if anyone plays with these, please give me your opinion.


too hot the dm is outdated in my opinion…

If you are a real beginner, then maybe get the Dark Magic 2 But I have played both and for the intermediate to advanced player I think the Too Hot would be MUCH better.

I agree.

2 hot or Czech point or butcher.

Both are really good. I think it just comes down to preference at this point. For me I would choose the Dark Magic 2 because I love the shape and design. Get a Too Hot if your looking for a full metal yoyo.

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Dark magic can crack if exposed to big temp changes. Also has high walls which isn’t good for modern tricks. Would take the too hot anyday

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I was leaning towards the Too Hot. I currently have a Shutter and dig it. I’ve heard the Czech Point is sweet as well.

Being half plastic, this was one of my concerns as well. I think I need to stick with all metal. I have a plastic YYF Replay which is fun, but metal yo-yos play smooth and fast.

There’s smooth and fast plastics as well. POM machined plastic plays just as well as metal. The replay is mold injected so there’s normally some vibe involved.

I’d definitely go with the Too Hot. The DM2’s price needs to drop about $13 for it to be relevant again.




Do they have any other colors than black?

Beginning of August I heard they’ll have them.

Too hot def. or maybe the hatchet?

Black, Aqua, Pink, and splashes coming August. If you can wait jsut a few days more it’s rumored to have green splash, czech out YYF’s instagram to see a sneak peek of it!

Oh nice! I’ll be patient and wait to see why they look like. Thanks for the heads up!

For a similar price, is there anything similar to the YYF Too Hot people would recommend?