Just thought I should share with everyone, but here is a recent question from YYF’s ask.fm

why dont th czm8 come with ct or ctx anymore?
Because it is now the price of a shutter.

Is this like YYF’s new plan for 2014? To release a lot of budget metals?

If so, they’re going to dominate. The Shutter is surely one of, if not the best selling throws of last year. If they have the same success with a few more throws, they’ll be sorted.

I’m interested at any rate.


I got to throw the newly designed CZM8 yesterday at my yoyo meet and it is amazing!! If YYF keeps this up, then they are going to Dominate 2014! I am getting a shutter this week, as I didn’t try one until yesterday and I’m definitely picking up a CZM8. I had the opportunity yesterday, but I’m low on funds at the moment.

I can’t take it! First, C3 comes out with the Level 6 at only $50, then YYF announces an improved CZM8 at only $45(ish)! And I really need to stop collecting…my arsenal is totally fine as is, haha.

Seriously though…it’s as if it’s the job of these companies to make you wanna buy their stuff…

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So many budget throws. I am really trying to limit my purchases but there’s now another contender for my money!

Level 6 vs. CZM8 vs. Rally vs. Strix vs. Echo 2 vs. Benchmark V, O , or H

Darn you efficient manufacturing!!!

Forgot the Minute ! ^

Too small for my liking

That’s because it is :smiley:

But, I know what you mean. I have about 40 new yoyos on my want list. That’s after I have narrowed it down. :smiley:

Those look beautiful. Glad they shortened the name.

Thank god they shortened the name lol


Cool engraving.

Yeah those new CZM8s look wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

YoyoFactory is always on their game. Brilliant business model…at their best.

These looks so cool! But not those engravings in my opinion…

86400 hour.

I’m just happy that they’re playing it safe with the anodizing.

Maybe the budget metals will drive the price of the rest of yyf stuff down enough for me to buy a supernova…
Well it’s a thought.

Well I net to have that… Vashek is my all time favorite thrower.

Budget metals may drives costs down but doubtful IMO. But we all hope lol. U can get supernovas on the bst for really cheap. There’s a lot floating around including mine :wink:

I know 100% exactly what you mean.