YYF: Comparison and Review

Reviewing the YYF Cypher, Shutter, and CZM8
So I have owned all of these throws and played with them for about a day or two at least. These are what I would say budget-mid priced yoyos!

Bearing and Response:
With YYFs regular 8 ball bearing, and YYF generic pads they all act generally similar (like they should). But their play is insanely improved with the addition of a CTX bearing!

Play, Looks, Anodization, Grinds:

Jason Lee Shutter
Classic Shutter play- stable, focused, ready to win the world yoyo contest :). Probably the middle ground between the two yoyos. This yoyo looks stunning, the art and design are one of a kind. Although, the yoyo lacks a beadblast or grind friendly finish. Grinds are possible (including horizontal fingerspins), but not the longest.
Looks: 10/10
Grinds: 5/10
Comfort: 6/10

Pink CZM8
This yoyo was very stable and felt competitive at first throw. Ready to take on any trick without fear. It plays quickly and maneuvers around the string in the same way. From my experience, this yoyo played far better with the center track, as it began to tilt without one. It’s not too comfortable in the hand. It can take on any grind with it’s ano and blast, and the grinds are very long
Looks: 7/10
Grinds: 9/10
Comfort: 4/10

Blue early Cypher
Fun was the first though I had when I threw this down. Extremely fun, floaty, “fluffy”, I loved this yoyo. I feel like it’s a bit under-appreciated in comparison to the shutter. Which makes sense because it’s not as user friendly, the Cypher is not as stable, long spinning, or “competition-capable” as the other yoyos, but it surely is an enjoyable yoyo experience. It is super comfortable too!. Grinds are just as good, except horizontal finger grinds are unrealistic.
Looks: 7/10
Grinds: 8/20
Comfort: 10/10

Shutter - All around, great, stable player.
CZM8 - Very competition ready, great grinding (may need CTX)
Cypher- Fun, comfy, :slight_smile:

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