Hey guys! Today I got my shutter at yoyo-club. This thing is a beast, and a thing of beauty, so I thought I’d do a review of it. Please feel free to critique me in the comments. On to the review.

Specs: (Taken from the YYE store)
YYF Shutter Stats:
Diameter: 56 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 44.40 mm / 1.74 inches
Gap Width: 4.75 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67.8 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
CBC SPEC Bearing
Response: CBC Silicone Slim Pad (19mm)

This thing looks amazing. I love the step in the cup, and I love the step in the catch zone. The designs, colors, and everything looks flawless. Yoyofactory really hit the nail right on the head with the etching on this one!

This yoyo feels good in the hand, although it can feel quite large at times. My middle finger fits perfectly in the little indentation in the catch zone. This finish is not made for grinding, although I’m sure you could finger grind if you really wanted to. I love the shiny-ish color that this finish has.

This yoyo plays amazing. It’s super smooth, and whips around on the string pretty fast. It’s not the fastest yoyo, but it’s not slow either. I’m not good at horizontal, but this yoyo can do it well (Atleast what I can do so far with horizontal.) When I got this yoyo, I expected it to be just like a dv888, well playing but nothing super special. I was wrong. This is 10x better than I expected. You can do some pretty sick inner ring grinds with this as well. I timed myself and got a 10 second inner ring grind.

The shutter is a great yoyo, it’s super smooth, and it has an amazing price tag. In my opinion, they should just stop producing the dv888 and produce this. Its looks are stunning, its play is stunning, and I love it. It has a great inner ring, and the cup looks stunning with the engraving.

Have you tried the Chief or the Sine/Saw? If so, how would you compare them?

hey thanks for the review its very short and straight forward. but as a thrower who doesn’t have a lot of money(I must work my self and also save for car, insurance, school, ect.)I try to get as much info as I can. could u try and comment on the way it feels more? like mabey what u feel, does it excite you? or does it feel like you’re a total BA? I want to know know the emotional side of the yoyo ,dat feal badman yah seen?

I liked this yoyo better then the H.O.T and Genesis I dont know why it just seemed so easy to control when doing tricks like Branding, Black Hops And Whut ect. I am getting a Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing so I will tell you if its worth it to get the bearing

good review

This yoyo is 1 million times’ better with the Dif KK Bearing!! And with flowable silicone

I feel like a total BA rockin this sexy $45 hunk o’ metal in my hands :smiley:

Was the bearing that came with your Shutter noisy? I recently got one and it was very noisy, it plays great just like you mentioned but it was very noisy.

Mine’s kinda noisy, but hey, you could always replace the bearing.

i just got mine a few hours ago… i love it! but the response seems to be pretty bad… do the pads just need to break in? dont remember how it was with my other yyf yoyos

The gap of the yoyo is very wide. check that both pads are in properly (a friend’s was not) and then maybe change the string.
hope this helps!

its fine now! just took a little more play as i expected… never had to break in response so far, so i wasnt sure

i bought this yoyo since everyone said it was amazing! including this review… and i´ve got to say… i m not disapointed! it plays so great! my favorite YYF i think…

my shutter is amazing the only problem i have is they should do better colorways mines green and i dont like that it looks like om throwing a booger

I think that the red looks amazing.

i actually love my green one… its not your everyday green and i like how it looks a lot! but i can see why some people dont like it… could´ve gone with the blue :smiley:

can someone compare it to the C3 speedaholic?

I heard they gonna release a blasted one but I don’t know the release date. Does somebody knows?

Honestly if this thing was blasted and had a fatter lip I would definitely buy another. It’s an amazing throw, but it’s not the best grind in either aspect.

Aqua is definitely the way to go Gentry would agree :smiley: