YoYoFactory Shutter

Opening: I have been throwing plastic yo-yo’s for about 2 years now and was finally able to get the Duncan Strix, which satisfied me a bit but still lacked the weight factor. Then like a super hero to the rescue in a movie came the YoYoFactory Shutter. I was skeptical at first with the price being about $45, and I questioned myself about it being a good investment, I was about to find out. This is my first review so critique is very welcome. Sorry about not putting any pictures just did not have the time.

History: Team YoYoFactory’s Gentry Stein has released many great yo-yo’s on the past such as the Super G and the pocket sized version the G Funk, I really wanted to buy them, however the price range made me think otherwise and did not let me. However when the Shutter was released, it made clear sense that I was destined to get this yo-yo for its price so I did. I was so happy when it got to my door, I played with it right away. As mentioned before I also have the Duncan Strix which plays very well but does not have the weight I am comfortable with, so I decided to give the Shutter a shot.

Diameter: 56 mm/2.20 inches
Width:44.40 mm/1.74 inches
Gap Width: 4.75 mm/ .18 inches
Weight: 67.5-67.8 grams (depends where you look)
Bearing: CBC SPEC Bearing Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC Silicone Slim Pad

First impressions: When I first took the yo-yo out of the packaging it almost reminded me of the Yeah3 by C3yoyodesign, only a little changed. The weight and shape felt great in my hand, it felt more solid than my Strix and the shape also made it easy to land on the string. I was about to put it through my test and see what it can handle. I was skeptical about the finger spin hubs and shape the most.

Play: If you guys have seen the trick tutorial promo on Yoyoexpert and remember Gentry Stein mentioning “It can handle anything” well you guys better BELIEVE IT, partly. This yoyo is bad to the bone. My combos were a breeze on this yo-yo, sleeps for about 1-2 minutes in my opinion maybe even more. The bearing that came in was a bit noisy but with some thin lube it was fixed. Suicides and slacks worked great too. Finger spins worked good, I would have said great but the " ideal spot" for the perfect finger spin is right in the middle which makes it very hard to land sometimes, but with practice it can be done and perfected making you look like Ethan Wong. The shape as I suspected ended up being great for horizontal play without any type of vibe. Another trick that worked well was thumb grinds since the inner lip is set in a good position for your thumb to fit in. One thing it cannot handle at all are arm grinds, I know this yo-yo being metal and all may seem good for arm grinds, but the truth is it is not because it is not anodized. But if arm grinds are not your thing, then this yo-yo is great. I wanted a yo-yo that would give me good sleep time, good grinding capabilities (not including arm grinds), good horizontal playing capabilities, and most of all good finger spin capabilities, and there is no doubt the Shutter has given me all this and more.

Final Thoughts: YoYoFactory has added a new great yo-yo to their line of already successful line of modern performance yo-yo’s and its name is the Shutter. With a price tag of about $45 you would be out of your mind not to buy one considering it is Gentry Stein’s signature throw. I loved everything about the yo-yo, the arm grinding thing did not worry me since I am not a arm grinding person. This yo-yo will deliver almost anything you throw at it, I now understand why Gentry Stein tears it up with this awesome throw. I am very satisfied with this throw. What do you guys think?

I just ordered one today, and hope it works out well for me. I’ve never really used yoyofactory other than my brother’s DV888, which I enjoyed, and I hope it was worth my money.

Totally agree my friend. Super quality yoyo at an awesome price!

It is anodized, it’s just not blasted (soda, bead, or other media) before anodization.

It will be worth your money, it is a very good yo-yo at an amazing price and quality. I am sure you will like it too. Oh I’m sorry I thought it was just not anodized at all I guess it is but just not to the point where it grinds well by bead blasting it or something. I will be sure to check my facts next time thanks! :slight_smile:

Shutter cannot grind period be warned

I have had the yoyo for about three days now and it is currently my favorite throw the horizontal grinds are amazing and the paint job is smooth enough so you can do regular grinds with no problem but just not for very long.

It can grind actually. I whipped out a 5 second finger grind and a 10.2 second inner ring grind. Do not listen to this man, he either doesn’t throw right, or doesn’t know how to grind.

Oh man. I’d been thinking of getting a Token (cause it’s undersized and I like the colors). But I’ve heard so many great things about the Shutter that I’m thinking of getting that instead XD So many choices!

P.S. Good review.

You are right my friend. I always tell my parents shopping for yo-yo’s is life going to a buffet. You do not know what to get and by the time you make up your mind to get something, something new comes out :smiley:

Definitely ;D

I always have a big wishlist of possible yoyo’s that eventually I might get. And I always waffle between which one to get next.

Mine started to feel sticky so I wiped it with a wet wipe and it grinds fine now.

If paint on a yo-yo will grind, then I imagine this will too.

Is the Shutter fast? Like, compared to a protostar?

In my opinion, it is fast. I can pull of some of my combos rather quick and fast with this yo-yo. I also know this because I own a Protostar as well. I think the Shutter’s shape plays a role in this but I am not sure, overall it’s a fast yo-yo.

Is it faster than the protostar?