Yoyofactory Shutter review!


Hello everyone! I’m here to review the yoyofactory shutter. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! This yoyo is only $45, so I will be reviewing this yoyo for its price.

here are the specs of the yoyo;

diameter: 56.13
width: 44.51
weight: 67.9
bearing: size C (250, 500, 187)
response: CBC pad (slim)

First, we’ll talk about the looks of the yoyo. This yoyo looks pretty nice.The shaped looks amazing when you look at it the very first time. Yoyofactory hit the nail directly on the head when it comes to how it looks. The very first run was 7075 aluminum, while the version I have is bead-blasted. I personally got gold, and I love it. The laser engraving looks good.

Second, the quality of the paint. Unfortunately, Yoyofactory is not the best at paint jobs and quality of the paint. I accidentally hit my yoyo on the cushion of a chair, but it chipped the paint off. Eventually, I thought that it would be an amazing freehand yoyo, so I put a counterweight on it. THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!! nearly all the paint chipped off one side (btw, this yoyo really isn’t the best freehand player). The overall quality of the metal is good, and it doesn’t easily chip off.

Third, I’m going to talk about the play. Before I even say anything, replace the stock bearing because it’s terrible. With the stock bearing, the yoyo doesn’t really spin very long. For doing long tricks, it’s not good at all. The play is pretty smooth, but it feels sort of choppy. It does vibe a little, but I didn’t notice it for a while. With a better bearing, like a center track or a KK bearing, the shutter spins for a respectable time, it doesn’t have much vibe, and it is very smooth.

Fourth, response and bearings; the bearing isn’t very nice, but I do lie the CBC pads. They’re pretty unresponsive.


play (with stock bearing); 6/10
response and bearings; 6/10
quality; 7/10
paint; 7/10
spin; 6/10

final score; 6.5/10

This yoyo is my least-favorite throw I own


I believe the shutter is anodized, not painted.


Ano not paint

Also appears that you overtightened it since you have the little bump there in the pic and I’ll bet that’s why it vibes.

Don’t have a shutter myself atm but I believe that should be a flat surface.

Did you try cleaning the bearing before replacing? That or maybe breaking it in would have helped.


the shutter is anodized, not painted!!!


Ano doesn’t chip.

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Never heard of the 7075 first run shutters. Surprised no one talks about those.


That makes no sense. You can bead blast most any type of aluminum.

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Was the first run really 7075?




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A more accurate review