Shutter Review

I’ll be using the review guide in YYE since this is my first review, give me feedback in the comments, I’ll try to answer questions as well. OK, let’s get started. =D
History: This is Gentry Steins third signature throw, he has also won his first Nationals contest with it.
Gentry at nationals:
YYF Shutter Stats:
Diameter: 56 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 44.40 mm / 1.74 inches
Gap Width: 4.75 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67.8 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
CBC SPEC Bearing
Response: CBC Silicone Slim Pad (19mm)
Out of the box: I was amazed at it’s beauty, I got Aqua W/Black Splash, It came with a neon yellow polyester string, Type 6 I think. I went to put some lube in the bearing and opened it up to find that It was missing a response pad, luckily I got extra pairs along with it but it was a bad first impression since this wasn’t ready out of the box. It’s probably not gonna happen to you since, I was told, it’s an unfortunate problem with mass production.
Pros and Cons: Style of play: Overall it’s a great yoyo, definitely fits Gentry’s style of play. However somethings don’t fit my style. I like a fast style of play and since the Shutter leans on about 68 grams it feels a significantly slower than my Protostar.
Grinds: This was my first full metal yoyo and I don’t have too much experience grinding. The Shutter has both an in and outer ring both good for grinds.
Inner Ring: My first inner ring grind was about 5 seconds, my best grind was 12 seconds.
Outer Ring: My first outer ring grind lasted a little less than 5 seconds and my best outer ring grind lasted a little over 10 seconds.
Gap: My first gap grind lasted 3 seconds, my best gap grind lasted 7 seconds.
Palm: My first palm grind (With polyester glove) lasted 2 seconds, best overall was 5 seconds.
Arm: My first arm grind (No sleeve) lasted 3 seconds, my best was 4 seconds.
At the end of all my best grinds it still had enough spin to go up all the way. The Shutter had an extremely smooth surface, felt really nice. I don’t know what good grind times are but I was satisfied with the Shutter.
Sleep time: Best lasted a bit over 2 minutes.(One drop of thin lube)
Response: I used Kitty Norm on the Shutter but I recommend 1.5 or Fat, the Shutter’s wide gap makes it harder to bind with thinner string.
Comparison: I’ll be comparing the Shutter to my Protostar. I like a fast style of play and the Shutter is slower paced but can still go at a relatively fast speed. I like the Protostar’s CT over the Shutter’s SPEC, I like having the string not touch the wall for best sleep time especially when learning tricks. The SPEC is better for regens and makes it have better response.
Summary: The Shutter is a great yoyo, good for a medium speed type of play. It was a good upgrade from my Protostar.
Any questions? What should I improve? Anything to add? Leave you requests in the comment section bellow. =D
Edit: Added details + Better Formating

Great review, I got an Aqua Blasted Shutter and I get an average of 3 min. per throw. I recommend putting a CT to replace the Spec. Really helps the spin time.

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Just one thing to add to your monster review: The Shutter is extremely smooth and well balanced. Reminds me (both by shape and the way it plays) of a Supernova. Great review! :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll probably get a CT when I order my ReXtreme.

Thanks for the feedback! I hope to make more reviews in the future.

No! I’ve never played one but ive heard (many times) that the reXtreme breaks very easily and is not good for the price. Idk what to recomend instead of it, but i know that it is not the best 4a throw.

Oh and i was bored so i timed the shutters sleep time on my throw. It has a knockoff 10 ball kk in it, and I got 3 min. 25 sec.

Then I won’t drop it. lol How do you know if you’ve never tried one? What do you think I should get then? I was gonna get a Go Big too or an Aeronaut.

I honestly agree with croco, the rextreme just doesn’t look like that good of a yoyo, and it’s $120 price tag is ridiculous to me.

If us re gonna spent that money, I would honestly get a summit, equilateral, wait for the od benchmarks to restock and get two of them, or take advantage of the supernova deal( get a free severe), or go get some used throws for low prices on bst.

Also if u were to get a yyf yoyo, take advantage of the $5 CT sticker pack deal :slight_smile:

$120 price tag . Rextreme …?

Are you sure you’re talking about the same yoyo …

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The ReXtreme is a $50 4a yoyo, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

No!!! The shutter is awesome for fast play!!! Simple speed tricks like skin the hamster I can do in like 3 seconds and still have a very strong spin. But other than that your review was great!

My old yoyo is a gold shutter I like it alot

I have a shutter