level 6 vs shutter?

Just wanted to pose a question on peoples preference on a budget yoyo

I personally never thrown a level 6,bjt hear that theyre pretty nice for being budget. But, I do own the shutter and it probably is one of the best, if not the best, budget yoyo available. I’d even go to say that it plays just as good as some of the higher priced throws. But the shutter is definitely a great throw if you decide to go that route. It plays smooth, feels real good in the hand, will sleep long if thrown properly, and comes in many cool colorways. You just can’t go wrong with it and I’m sure that others that chime in will say the same. :wink:

Level 6 is great, not sure about Shutter.
Btw I wouldn’t consider these “budget” yoyos though.


I can see what he means to an extent. For some people, budget yo-yos, even for metals, would be the likes of Maverick, Dash, Kilter, or Magic Yo-Yos. Shutter and Level 6 are price-wise above that. I know what he means though.

But, to answer the question, I personally preferred Shutter. I thought the shape was more comfy, I like the width and heft, and the lower price is just a plus. They are both great throws.

Generally speaking, if you are thinking of something in the $45 (Shutter) to $60 (Level 6) range, also consider Horizon, TooH.O.T, Cypher, CZM8, IMP, Lava, Jaeger, and Benchmarks. Don’t rule out plastics either, many of them are great!

Hmm I didn’t know a Shutter is $45, I just know that Level 6 is $60 so I assumed the Shutter is just about the same, turns out it isn’t. I consider “budget” for something under $50 or so, but that’s just me.

I own both and prefer the shutter but they both play great. I enjoy playing the shutter more that some throws I paid over $100 for. However if you are looking for a budget throw i would recomend the horizon over both the shutter and level 6 especially for grinds and finger spins

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I have both the shutter ($45) and the Level 6 ($50) in my collection. For me the Level 6 is a more comfortable throw.

Yes, hobbyman is correct. The Level 6 is $50, not $60. Did the price go down recently? Anyway, I just ordered the Halloween Level 6 (because I clearly have no self control), so I’m hoping it’s a really fun throw.

What I would like to know is how people see the Shutter (or Shu-tah) vs. the Genesis. The Genesis is by far my favorite YYF throw, but with the Shutter at around half the price, I have to wonder if it’s time to take a look at that one too.

^ I guess I thought I paid $60. :smiley: Oh well, it’s still in the ballpark at $10 difference. Shu-Ta is great, but it doesn’t beat the Genesis in my opinion. Definitely worth checking out though.

I respect your opinion, TA. I’m always worried about getting something to compete with the Genesis because it’s has been the perfect throw for me. My top 3 for play are the Genesis, the Burnside and the Skywalker. Even though I have an extensive ILYY collection, I always seem to drift back to one of these three. Sorry for derailing. We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

I prefer shutter

Go level 6.

A review to help you decide:

I traded my shutter after owning the Benchmark V. Not sure about Level 6. I’ve been eager to try it.