Level 6, Shu-ta or Revival?


As the title says. The difference in price doesn’t really matter at all.
I’m really into all kind of throws, though i can’t stand yoyos with bad stability.
Other throws in the same price range i have is: Shutter, Torque and Hatchet

All help appreciated! :slight_smile:


Personally would prefer an all aluminum or all plastic throw instead of bimaterial like the revival

That being said the shu-ta is supposed to be an improved shutter so if you liked that you should like this. Most people love the level 6 for it’s stability which is partially due to it’s 40mm width and good rim weight.


Have you tried anyone of them? :slight_smile:
Actually, YYE lists the width of the Level 6 to just under 42 mm. Another, reputable Japanese store lists it as 42.37 mm wide…


I’d go with the Level 6 followed by the Shu-ta.


Level 6 is the only one I’ve tried

You can check up on the threads for the revival and shu-ta though


I don’t know about the Shu-ta but I have both paint variants of the original Shutter and I also have a Level 6. I actually play with my old school Shutter more because it’s my travel throw that I don’t feel bad about dinging. The Level 6 is my favorite at home throw, as others have mentioned the stability just screams out to you when you first throw it but the Bead Blasted Shutter has a more versatile move set. Different strokes for sure but I’m looking at a OD Benchmark V for my next throw and most testimonials I’ve seen seem to recommend the Benchmark over the Shutter/Level 6.


Revival because it looks like the metal rims are gonna help it with stability and spin time I’ve never tried the level 6 though


Revival looks sick…


If you already have the shutter, than getting the shu-ta probably wouldn’t be your best bet; unless your really into finger spins, or your vry conscious about the kind of metal your yoyo is made of.

That leaves us with two options: the Level 6 or the revival.
Personally, i would go with the Level 6 due to C3yo being a little more in the competition area, while YYJ is just starting to make a comeback at the yoyo community after their short disappearance.
The overall shape of The level 6 makes it look more stable, and better for all kinds of play, IMO, and has the ability to finger spin, which i’m not sure the revival can do.

So if this isn’t enough to help you choose, you can just search up some videos of player playing them, so you can get a little taste of how the throw will perform

Level 6:



Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: As for grinding and fingerspins i really dont care to much about those two things… Though the Level 6 looks like it have a really “sticky” finish.
I really like the play of my Shutter, and the Shu-Ta is said to be a similar feeling, all around better version of the Shutter. But then again everyone gives the L6 high praise…

Anyone else? :slight_smile:


Got to throw a Shu-ta and Revival at Triple Crown…

Let me start by saying I love the shutter and own multiple. The Shu-ta is even better. 7075 aluminum feels really nice and the wider diameter of the “lens” in the cup feels great for fingerspins. Highly recommend.

Although it was highly popular, I thought the Revival was average. It felt a little awkward on the first few throws and wasn’t the most stable (but hey, maybe that’s just me). After a few throws I began to like it more but not nearly as much as the Shu-ta.


I went for the Shu-Ta since i love my Shutter :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the input!


Good choice! I just got my Shu-Ta, and I love it! Much more solid and heavy feeling than the shutter, I got a 30 second fingerspin on it, and the blasted 7075 feels like velvet in your hands. Seriously. Grinds for days, and spins much longer. New favorite.