Shutter vs Level 6?


After help from Sparhawk and some deeper research, now I am deciding on whether I should get a Shutter or a Level 6.


Shutter destroys the severe in my opinion

I like the weight and feel of it so much more. If I wanted a competition style plastic I’d go get a rally. The yeti is more for comfy flowy play so if you’re into that get it but it’s just got a hype train behind it right now. I personally would wait and buy one off the BST once a couple runs have come out and the price drops and it loses some popularity.

I’d also consider the level 6 since it’s definitely a competition oriented throw for $50.

Others worth consideration:
Too Hot
CZM8 (also comp oriented for $45)
YoyoOfficer (Imp specifically but it’s not very big)
86400 (bigger and cost $65)
Benchmark Series (Epic for $60 and the Side Effects add to the fun)


Thanks for the recommendations! The Level 6 and the Benchmark H are the ones I’m interested in out of all those. The Shutter seems nice, but if I were to spend that much on only my 3rd throw, should I get the Sine//Saw, Yeti, or Shutter? I’ve heard amazing things about the the Shutter and the Yeti. Nothing about the Sine//Saw yet…


Rec Rev is hit or miss for me so I normally don’t recommend it. Would take the shutter any day over the yeti. Especially considering how much cheaper the shutter is versus the other 2.

The level 6 vs. the shutter would be the hard decision since they’re both so good.


Level 6.


I have both, the Shutter is more fun, they can both be used in contests, both are dead smooth. Level 6 reminds me more of a Japanese throw and the Shutter is more fun to me, has a bit more character if you know what I mean, I like the finger spin middle thing too. The blasted Shutters grind very very well too, the Level 6’s dont.

If it was for competition and you like the Level 6 shape more I would go with that, but the Shutter you could use for a contest too, the Shutter gets more play time from me though, I like it better than my Level 6!


I’d go with the Level 6


I personally like the shutter. It is definitely one of the best budget throws and plays just as good, or even better then some of the more expensive throws. The shutter is extremely smooth, feels great in the hand, and has long spin time. I would go with the shutter, you will not be disappointed! :wink:


Wow i’ve tried both and really, neither is gonna miles better than the other, so my recommendation would just choose which one looks nicer because they are both really good metals that can do pretty much everything (expect maybe grinds)