Level 6 vs shutter vs dv88

What should I get: level 6,shutter,or dv888?any other recommendations are useful! : p

I dont know what a level 6 is, never played a Dv888 (but heard its not that good), but I have a shutter, and it is awesome.

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I’ve not thrown the Level 6 nor the Shutter.

From I’ve read here and there, Shutter and Level 6 are both extremely performant yoyos, and both highly ouperform the DV888. They are both at the top of low cost metals.

I personnally prefer the shape of the Level 6

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Level 6 is BOSS!

definatley a level six. crococoreys right dv888s arent that good.

Dv888 is good trust me you either love it or not and I love mine. But the shutter is an absolute beast. I would go shutter because it’s much more stable and spins longer than the dv888. I’ve never heard if the level 6 so I have no comment about it

Shutter or level 6, definitely, rest goes to preference
Level 6 is c3yos new budget metal based on krown, p wave, di base and some other stuff

Anyone have a level 6 that can deceive how it plays?

It is a bit on the heavy side, but its fast and stable. It is OK at grinds. It finger sons like a champ. I also have a shutter and I would recommend level 6 over it. Level 6 somehow is a bit faster with out losing the solidness, guess that 69 grams helps. The size on level 6 is not large or small. The width is perfect too. Shutter to me is a bit oversized. Honestly level 6 can be as good as krown and p.wave with the right setup.

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Same as you. I just recently figured out a Level 6 is?


It’s a new C3 yoyo coming out soon.

Shutter or level 6. I haven’t tried the level 6, but shutter is amazing, especially for the price. The dv888 sucks (to 95% of people).

Dv888 is awesome people just have a harder time understanding it

… Thats one way of putting it… But if you can have one that EVERYBODY ELSE understands, then technically…


So he would have a hard time understanding it too lol

I enjoy my DV888 but it is a little small for my tastes. I am looking forward to trying the Level 6 and the shutter. That will take a few months.