First Expensive Yo-Yo

First off, i know: a)you dont have to have an expensive yo-yo b)picking a yo-yo is personal preferance.

With that said, I would like some some advice on witch one to get.

All metal
Under $100.01
Hub-Stacks (Yes im sure)
Capable of thumb grinds

Thanks for the help guys!

Right now I have:
YYJ X-convict

888x would be a great yoyo for that. But many people also say that the Genesis+ is much more stable and also, it has hubstacks so there is space for thumb grinding.

only metals with stacks I can think of (unless you get a modded throw)

genesis +
44 special
mutant dna
and if you can find one, a metal grind machine

Of those, I’ve only used the 888x and a G5 (and a normal genesis, but not sure how it compares to the +)

is your $100.01 price tag including shipping? because if so that knocks out 44 special, dna, mutant dna, skyline, genesis+, and superstar unless you went to b/s/t

leaving just an 888x and a g5

of the two, I’d recommend the g5 (although you’d have to get hubstacks or rice stacks to replace the zstacks for thumb grinding)
It would be more different than your other throws being it’s h-shaped and oversized.
but you really can’t go wrong with any of the yoyos I listed. just check out some reviews on them, and pick one sounds most appealing to you

That is the same list i came up with.

As fot the price that is WITHOUT shipping.

So under the $100 that leaves:
888x <–Is it to much like my DV888?
g5 <–Can you thumb grind with it?
genesis + <–Can you thumb grind with it?
44 special <–

from that list, I sugest the mutant dna. It’s my favorite yyf, and i’m usually not much of a fan of their stuff. The hubstacks are very smooth.

or you could get the pacquiao, but you would have to buy hubstacks separate.

Yaa I wish I had the money for a mutant dna. UNDER $100.01 thanks.

sorry, i forgot to look at the price before i replied ::slight_smile:

I have a skyline I am willing to sell. Wont be able to ship for like 3 weeks though

:o :o :o What condition? How much?


I remember a time when I considered a $40 YYJ expensive. My how times have changed. :wink:

When I started, I only thought yoyo’s were only sold in stores like Toy’sRus. And the most expensive there was 20 bucks, and I thought that was one of the most expensive in the world. Fail.

I suggest the YYF G5. Best throw I have, even though I only have like two throws. But it’s the best Iv’e thrown so far. Just remember to get some ricestacks if you wanna thumb grind. I got bored with hubstacks and think it plays slightly better without them, but that’s my preference! But, that’s you and worse to worse you end up with two extra bearings!!

G5 or used Skyline? i got some guy who is going to sell me his for $80.

Depends. If the skyline is mint then it shouldn’t matter.

“G5 showcasing the stability maximum rim weight can provide. Next they showed just how smooth a yo-yo could be with the release of the eight8eight…” “…The Skyline takes the best of both worlds” --YYE

From that i think the skyline is better. Right?

And the skyline is near mint, just two scratches under the custom paint job. :wink:

Haha. Well they are both great yoyos. just depends on if you like undersized or full sized yoyos