What yoyo would get if you had a couple G's to blow...?

Ok I’m 6’6 and have big hands and I am looking for a hubstack type yoyo that is smooth and stable but most importantly grinds very well, especially thumb grinds. I’m not to familiar with these types of yoyo’s(I do have a PGM 2 its ok it just vibes like heck with Z-Stacks on) so any feedback would be great! And money is not a factor… Oh and I like all metal yoyo’s, are there any that work well with Z-Stacks that do not vibe, just wondering that would be cool, Thanks.

If you want hubstacks you can’t thumb grind really well, so you have to choose one or the other. I recommend a G5

Go out and get yourself a nice genesis w/ hubs

Thanks for the feedback, the genesis/g5 seems like it would fit my style, but if you had 400$ and had the option of getting lets say 2 or 3 yoyo’s(EX:G5,Genesis,888 ) that you can hubstack, what would be a nice combo so that you could get the best of both worlds? It seems to me that the 888x, G5, and Genesis would be great but if you had to pick either the G5 or the 888x what would you choose? Is there a big difference between them? Or I could just buy all three…

The 888 is a small yoyo. If you’re looking for a big yoyo, don’t get it. Otherwise, if you like undersized, it’s a good choice. The 888x has a horrible trade/re-sale value just letting you know. :wink:

Yeah now that I think about it the G5 is bigger I think i will get that and the genesis, seems like a good combo…?

the 888 sucks for thumb grinds. the stacks get in the way and the anno rubs off.

now to the point. if you want a good grinding yoyo thats smooth and stable, i would get a G5.
but heres the catch. if you want to do thumb grinds, you need to take off the Z-stacks. what i did was take the stacks off my 888 (dont really need stacks on my 888), and put them on my G5.

Genesis HUbstacked.

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Thanks! I think that I will buy the Genesis and G5, from what I hear they are both great yoyo’s. I think I will hubstack the G5 (or both if I want…?) and just use the genesis for grinds and string tricks and as my main yoyo I guess? I know hubstack’s get boring after a while, I’ve been playing with yoyo’s for 14 years, but what yoyo seems to wobble the least with hubs? I think the G5 will be fun it looks as if it fits my massive hand size and seems stable with Z-hubs in the video(though you never know until you try it). So, what your opinion?, would the G5 and Genesis be a good combo to throw or would they both be too similar, as in there there specs are close?

The GM2 is based on the G5 and Genesis is based on the GM2, So they are pretty similar, butnot so simular that they play the same.

Well I guess I will say it this way, which yoyo do you think I will have the most fun with, with hubstack’s on? G5 seems very good, but when you compare the two(G5 and Genesis) would they both be good to get or would it be better to get something like an all metal YYJ Dark Magic
and the g5 for a wide variety of tricks?

they fixed it…

Yeah the G5 seems like a good bet, I think I will get that first then the Genisis, I wouldn’t mind taking the Z-Stacks off if I want to thumb grind, but I have money in the bank right now so I kind of want to go all out and pimp out my yoyo lol. Are there any other accessory’s or cool stuff that I should purchase with the G5? Or does it come with about every thing you need?

terrapin x, custom anno, gloves, custom stacks, custom bearing for the stacks etc

IMO my friends G5 is terrible at grinds. His isn’t even scratched other than a couple little paint marks and it burns my thumb.My 888 which is almost completely scratched all around the rims grind way better.