YoYo Stuff Worth Buying, Please Read.

(Connor) #1

Now that im getting into advanced tricks and grinds and what not I was wondering about some things. One of them is; What are some of the best metal yoyos under $175? Another is, what are some “must have” yoyos/yoyo accessories? What is another website where I can watch great tutorials like the ones on this site? Any information on any of these questions would be HIGHLY appreciated, I would love it if you guys could help me out with this stuff. My budget is about $200.

Connor ;D


Dark Magic, G5, Grind Machine 2, 888.


Why spend all that money, get a project!

Accessories: Thin Lube, Any type of bearing, pads, string, flowable silicone, shims


888, string, and lube


dont need ALL metal yoyos. just get dark magic, thin lube,hitman, more thin lube,x-convict, and even more thin lube.
BUT if u really need an all metal, get g5 or 888.


Well I will also recomend 888 because I use it myself and I love it,then for longer spin and comfortable playing you need KonKave bearing C size (there are 2kinds of them simple metal and ceramic.I recomend simple metal because the ceramic one is very expensive and the
Difference between them is not worth the diffrence between their prices.). If you would buy KonKave bearing you will have to clean it so I recomend
Thin lube or zippo oil.You need good strings but the string
quality is on your preference,I use 100% poly string.If you want you van buy a holder but it is not nessery.About the tutorials:YouTube has got some great tutorials also you can find the tutorials onwww.mastermagic.net or yoyoing.com Good luck ;D

(DrSqueakers) #7

michil is the smartist man alive A PRODGECT (I have the marcmont eddition) and even with the marcmont
editions wider gap i have 1 complant:

there STOC responsive, the problom is i ran out of lube when my prodgect came, so I had to break in the bearing, MYSELF i’m not saying that breaking in the bearing is hard, its just time consuming…

I managed to break in the bearin and I love this yoyo :wink:

(Connor) #8

Thanks Everyone! I have ended up deciding to get the following with my christmas money: 888 Aqua 2009 Edition, Project, Intentus G-string, 5 Chaz Pads, 5 Silicone K-Pads. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: