i want a new yoyo and i dont know which one to choose

help :frowning:


this probably didn’t help but I would say genesis.

Need some more info on what you like weight, speed, response,smoothness

Uhhh…read this first: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=27228.0

Just post some preferences. They are ulltimatley similar and the best way to tell the best for you would be your preference.

I like G5 it is good and fun yoyo because it has z-stack

I just tried a new yoyo that has hubstacks and had a review in the forum section called “professional yoyo not yoyo factory duncan hspin”…etc. I think it’s actually made by a new company called Shen Zhou on amazon or ebay. I got mine from Ebay for around $20 bucks and after I broke it in this yoyo is pretty darn good food for the price. It’s not a yyf888 but I’m throwing more and more every day. It actually comes with an open concave bearing. I would give this a shot if you can’t spend a fortune on an expensive yoyo.

Yes, most people, I repeat most people in this forum has seen that yoyo. There has been 2 threads about it:http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=26419.0

Yes there are arguements there but it’s long ago. For $20, it can be very good, but compared to G5 or Genesis Stacked, IDK about that.

I’d pick the genesis, because I don’t like z stacks.

id pick genisis for two reasons th genisis is wider and has a bigger gap and i find the genisis faster and that suites my play style