What is the best yoyo for under $70

Or should i just save up 20 more and get a G5? ??? :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o 8) ??? ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :-X :-\ :-*

I would save up for a genesis or a G5 if u buy a g5 u need different stacks cause z stacks are loud as hell.

Get a YYF Catalyst if you can save 14 more dollars.
Its way better than g5 / genesis ::slight_smile:
Well. IMO and most of the people.
If you cant, get the RecRev Sharp!

You can get some great used yo yo’s on the B/S/T forum.

There’s some great throws from H-Spin under $70.00

And if you dont trust B/S/T.

If you ask what is the best yoyo for 70$, it is clear you don’t know what you are paying for. Read around and pick the yoyo you know you want for the reasons you want it. Yoyo’s can’t be mesured in “Best/worst”, simply doesn’t work. Yoyos are yoyos. I carry around a yoyofactory severe, and a tom kuhn 3 in 1 no-jive. I think I enjoy the no jive more recently. So which one is best?
Possibly pointing out a specific trait about a yoyo you hold most dear, will help us more in guiding you to a yoyo.
Like do you like a big yoyo or small? A fast moving yoyo or slow? A yoyo for offstring or looper? We can help but only so much, and relize the general public will just tell you to get what ever they like most. How ever they may only have tried/owned one or two yoyos. Good luck on your choice.
Don’t forget lots of string, buy them by the 100. And lube, and stickers if your yoyo takes them. :wink:

Save up for a genesis. They are 85$ and the splash addition is 92$. It’s an amazing throw. I like it better than the g5.

y dont u get a yuuksta its only 65 bucks its very smooth and a fast, its plays like a mini genesis.

I agree. We need more specifics. What do you like? There are probably 100+ yoyo’s on this site for less the $70. Which is the best? The best for me is the one I’m throwing at the time. I have fun with the $10 one or $10 techno 2. As well as the northstar, DMII, SFX, unleashed, and dv888. Amongst others in my collection. All of these are the best at any given moment. But with more of your preferences we may be able to help guide you to your best yoyo at the moment.