yoyo recommendations anyone?

I want to get a new yoyo and I have narrowed it down quite a bit but I’m stuck between some yoyos.
The ones I am thinking of are:

If you could give me your opinions of them and tell me what you liked/didn’t like that would be great. Also if you so happen to be selling one of these just put up some pics and a price and I might but 'em


and also the ILOVEYOYO Enigma

now i don’t mean to be a little grump because i really don’t care, but you can modify your posts

MVP is incredible, probably the best one of the ones listed.

I uh . . . knew that . . . I was just making sure you knew that . . . ya . . .

Ive never tried the primo cause its fairly new.
But the other 4, yes, they are good.
The genesis is the widest and the G5 is the narrowest.
They play so-so to me.
They all are defently not a floaty throw, kind of heavy and solid.
On the string, mvp is the heavyest one, followed by superstar and genesis. The G5 is kinda light on the string though, and somewhat faster.
Stability? The mvp is top notch, followed by genesis and superstar, the G5 has less stability in my opinion.

Hope this help.

I have the 2010 G5 and I think it is great. It is super smooth and it doesn’t feel like a rock on the string, even with zstacks. I like the faster play of having regulars stacks though. It feels stable enough to me but I haven’t tried the others. I also like the narrowness of it. The catch zone is big but the overall width allows it to pop in and out of tech. The G5 and genesis will grind better than the others because they don’t have a shiny finish. Hope you decide.

Just a note; Don’t limit yourself to YYF. THey are an excellent company, just saying.

well, it certainly does all help quite a bit, and the reason I’m choosing all YYF is because I wanted something with a different shape than a rounded butterfly or a straight out butterfly, variety is the spice of life ya know

If you are looking for something with a different shape, maybe try a String Theory Remnant…a bell shape. I got one 3 months ago and it has been my favorite throw since.

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I was gonna say that; Maybe even an enVy X or a EnEmE

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i have the genesis and it plays amazing although i think it is better at 1a than 5a

it seems like you like h shape yoyos so i would go with the mvp cause its awasome and gonna win a bunch of contests this year