G5 vs hatrick vs 888

of these three which is the best???

They are all great yo-yos. None are better than the others.

And wrong section. Should be in looking for help.reccomednation. Its a child board.

There are so many popular throws in the low 50 diameter weighing about 65 mm… The G5 is a different animal being noticeably heavier & wider though… what do you have in your collection currently?

its not really looking for help… i just was wanting to know peoples opinions

well now just fast 201(lost it anyway) and the protostar which i love!!!

what do you like in a yoyo yomaster07. Pleas answer these questions.

What shape do you prefer? Rounded, H-shape, V shape, Flat rimmed, etc.
What size do you prefer? small, medium, full size, large.
What response system do you prefer? K-pad, CBC pad, Flowable silicon, O-ring, etc.
Do you like to mod/maintain?
What tricks do you do? Fast, slow, smooth, grinds, etc.
Does color matter?
What width do you prefer? thin, medium, thick, etc.

If you answer these questions, it will be WAY easier for us to help you!!

ok look… i have only had 2 yoyos!!!

I really don’t have many preferences
I guess medium size,flows smoothly that’s really all i have made up my mind on!!
I just was wanting to get a all medal yoyo that is around 100$$

start cheaper. go for a Genesis or a fundametal

If you like the size of the protostar then you may want to try a metal yoyo around that size, like the G5 or Genesis, but, on the other hand, it’s nice to try a variety of shapes & sizes if you don’t know exactly what you like and you’ve got the money - you can always trade or sell them later

I wouldnt suggest going from aa protostar to the 888 because the protostar is extremely stable and the 888 is the opposite. But if your looking for something like the protostar id suggest the superstar. its a little more money but imo its worth it. ps the superstar is alot heavier than the protostar

it is the best at grinds
has hubstacks
really good at whips
and it has good and awesome colors!