which one?

iIwant to get the eight8eight or the G5. Which one?

I myself plan on getting an eight8eight it seems to be a lot of peoples favorites, plus that splash looks awesome. Id go with the eight8eight.

Here we go again!

They are two very different yo-yos.

888: undersized, round
G5: full-sized, h-shape

We can’t tell you what you should get becuase our preference is different than yours.

i think ill get the cheaper one

I don’t think that’s a good idea. You may end up not liking it as much as if you chose the other.

Check out that post and answer the questions for us if you really want to get a yo-yo that you would like better.

I like small yoyos. Any shape but imperial is fine with me. Color matters! I like green,black,yellow,orange,white,purple,blue,and red. I like to do slack and string tricks, grinds and also hubstack tricks. I can pay at least $130. I am advanced. Im okay with any response type.

The only differing of the G5 and 888 is the shape of what you have us… 888 is small… But answer the questions!

He did.

Both those yoyos will work for you. It’s just which shape you like better.

Look here. Which do you like?



I like  the 888 shape better!

Do you like big yoyos or small yoyos?
Big - G5.
Small - 888,
or Big - DNA.
Dna and the 888’s shapes are the same, just that dna is bigger. That is all you need to answer if you wanna know what yo u wanna get.

I prefer small. But Im fine either way.

Guys!!! Look, he has answered everything! Read the posts.

The 888 would be a great choice for you.

Thanks! Now I don’t have to post to say that. (But I did!)