Well, the name should tell you a lot about this thread…

First of all, I’m a flow player and some of my tricks tend to get pretty complicated…

I don’t like yoyos which are too fast or too heavy…somewhere say 65-67grams, maybe 69.

Rockstar 2012
Super G
Wooly Marmot

Which one of these tend to be more suited for my needs cause I’ve never tried any of them. In case if you guys did, please tell me which ones are awesome in terms of FLOW, SMALL SiZE(but large enough to see) and FLOWGROOVE.

I would really appreciate your help!

i have used the super g, genesis, and yuuksta.in terms of a flow groove, i have used flowable silicone in all of them and it works fine. i would pick the genesis. the super g is very heavy when thrown so you wouldnt like that. the genesis, super g, and rockstar are full sized yoyos but i like them better than small ones, because they give you more spin. the yuuksta for me was not a good yoyo. being small it was easy to kill the spin during my long combos so i wouldnt pick it. and it wasnt as stable as you might think. a sidenote, if your wondering about the genesis vs. guper g, the genesis is way better because it dosent have that thud at the bottom of the string that the super g has. i suppose its personal opinion. but as i said, i would pick the genesis all the way, even though you seem to prefer small sized yoyos.

I mean I agree, but does Genisis accept flowable silicone very well or does it take you like an hour just to put the stuff in since the last time I checked, CBC pad grooves aren’t very deep.

genesis or definitlyt if you want the best yoyo ever IMO go for code 1

http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/144/yo-yo-thumb.jpg :wink:

Do yourself a favor and get the wooly marmot or a lunatic. The wooly marmot is floaty and can be fast when you want and is not to heavy. The lunatic may feel heavy but thats because of its massive amount of concentrated rim wieght so it can be fast and spin forever. They both accept silocone.

if you have the money go for the avalanche its big but floaty and isnt to heavy

I’d personally go with the genesis, it’s my fav. Super stable, fast, everything I want. If you want a tank genesis, get a stacked one.
I believe the yuuksta is just an undersized genesis.
Never used a super g, and prefer the original rockstar over the 2012, which pretty much feels like a metal protostar.
Maybe it’s just my bias against caribou lodge, but I wouldn’t recommend the marmot.
The avalanche is dead smooth.

Dude, for that post above on top, I want to ask…(might sound stupid)

Which is better the 2012 rockstar or the orginal one? I got to play a friend’s Original Rockstar and the finish seems glossy, does that affect play if the player comes in contact with a yoyo too much? The 2012 seems to be quite “gindable”.

No offense but I have the bucks and just in case you guys don’t know, stop adding more yoyos, there’s enough in the list above to give me a headache narrowing down.

freehand zero

Avalanche. No doubt.