Super G vs Genesis

I was looking at either getting a super g or a genesis. Ive thrown a genesis and liked it but whats the big difference between the two?

Well, the Super G is a radical H shape and it really excells at horizontal play. I personally prefer the Super G, but the H shape takes some getting used to. But they are both great throws, and if you get the Genesis, get the regular one, not the plus it version. If
You like th H shape, look at the CODE 1. My friend has one and it is great, even better that the Super G. It is in the same price range and has the epicness of side effects.

Personally I like the Genesis better. Like BigCat said don’t get the genesis+ because I have one and it doesnt compare to the regular genesis. The super g has more rim weight so it can’t play as fast as the genesis but when comparing spin times the super g just barely beats the genesis.