YYF Superstar or YYF SuperG

Hi guys, I am wondering which one is better I can already bind perfectly but which is better out of these two? Just asking because I can only get one of them. I’m new BTW.

I felt the superstar is a weak throw as far as comfort goes, the V shape was awkward on catches and the 5mm gap is simply way too big creating a bit of kickback. I honestly didn’t like mine.

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Superstar for me is a much more comfortable throw. The spin times are great on bad throws, and i have yet to try a vibey one. Super Gs are hit and miss when it comes to vibe and after having 7 of them I have given up looking for another smooth.(2 of those 7 were smooth)(I have 2 superstars now)

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Just to let you guys know that I got both :smiley:

::slight_smile: both are great! ::slight_smile:

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So maybe you can share with us your opinion on their differences

If you like the genesis, you’ll love the Super G. Its like a Genesis on steroids. Superstars are kind of boring though, just ridiculously good. What I mean by boring is that they aren’t a ton of fun to play with. They’re too good In my opinion. I prefer Super G, Supernova, and Genesis if you’re only looking for Yyf. If you want to branch out, you can’t go wrong with a One Drop Cascade.

Then you should know by now there is no “better”. There’s a matter of preferences.

I really enjoy my SuperStar. I played a Super G and I didn’t personally find it worked well for me.

Regardless, either are great yoyos. You just have to see if one works better for you or not. Or maybe neither works better for you, because maybe you’ll love both.

In my opinion I like the Super G better than the superstar because of H shape. I could land more whips with it that the superstar