Do you like the play of Genesis and Superstar.

(stephen_cameron) #1

I have looked over the specs, and i know they both fit my preferences. I am torn though, so i am asking you what you think of these yo-yos.
Thank you!


I’d flip a coin, they’re both very similar


i personally prefer the genesis, it just feels better to me


I love both but the Superstar is beyond awesome.


What Paolo said, very similar, and VERY AMAZING.


Ive only tried the superstar and I really like it


Im very agree with what paolo and gzziyo says.
The diffrence would be shape, hubstack and price.
I like the genesis more because its look cooler (for me at last) and bit biger, hubless (less center weight) and cheaper than the superstar. Lol.
The superstar is also a super awsome yoyo.
You wont go wrong with any of them.


Flip a coin.