YYF Superstar

Need a review for the yoyo factory superstar

I did a review of it back in June that may be of some help. It’s currently on page 4 of the review forum.

The superstar. I’ll try to make this short. It sucks for grinding. Grinds are literally impossible without a stupid looking glove. Also, I can’t stand how recessed the hubstacks are. It spins for somewhat long, but not nearly along as a genesis. It’s not nearly as stable either. The shape is interesting, but uncomfortable and not efficient.not enough rim weight. My advice, from a person who has 2 superstars and a genesis, says to get a genesis. You will be so glad you did. I honestly don’t thnk the superstar is worth the money ( my dad bought them, cuz for some reason. Will never understand, he likes them.)

Don’t want to get any one mad at, but I am one of these guys who literally has “spintimes” on the brain. The only reason I am writing this is because I would hate to see anyone misinterpret what was said about the Genesis vs the Superstar- spintime-wise. In my humble opinion the only Genesis that I have ever seen that has even what I consider to be "average " spintimes, is the sb Genesis. Of coarse the sb Genesis has way above average spintimes, similar to an Nvx etc… But the “C” bearing Genesis; I have found the ones I have tried, to be what I consider, not even average. I found them to be very disappointing, because spintimes is the name of the game for me. I am a big Superstar fan because of their incredible spintimes, not to mention their awesome stability etc… Just thought something should be said in defense of the Superstar, because in a spinning contest between it and the large bearing Genesis, the SS will be the clear winner every time. It’s just a matter of physics and design I think.

Dude no offense but I have an opposite opinion. My either of my 2 genesissss outs in either of my superstars every time, by a longshot. And by the way, the superstar spins out way more than the gensis. The genesis is definitely a better buy. Have you tried using the same exact bearing for both yoyos?