How does the Genesis compared w other YYF Metals? (Superstar,MVP,Supernova ect)


First of all I love YYF yoyos, I know some people dont due to the fact that they have been playing with them too long, and also dont like “mainstream yoyos” I dont personally know, but it is a great company in my opinion!

So I got a Superstar in the mail a couple days ago, I was thinking about getting a Genesis from the same seller but decided against it having bought way too many yoyos recently! I really like it, plays different from the 888s I am used to but sometimes different is good, here is what I think of the yoyos that might somewhat compare to the Genesis. Since the 888s are undersized and a totally diff size I dont really think it will help to compare the 888 to the Genesis.

Superstar: Wow this thing spins FOREVER! It plays slower than my other yoyos, def feels like 69 grams, but that isnt a bad thing. It is alot of fun to play with. Noticed when I do tricks that dont line up w the string (like “Grandma Kimmitt’s Sandwich”) it will start to tilt fairly easy, its easy to fix but tilts even more than the 888’s.

Original MVP: Its not quite as wide as the Superstar but w more rim weight on the outside it still spins for almost as long, as long as you will need for any combo, the superstar might just sleep for like 10 sec longer. With the crazy shape you still get really great spin times, with the added benefit of playing faster than the Superstar. More positives are great stability great for horizontal tricks, doesnt tilt easily like the Superstar. Only minor thing for me is with the crazy rims I find it almost impossible to do some string rejection tricks (magic drop & basic ones are fine but if it involves bringing your hands away from your body for the string to reject its REALLY hard). That isnt a big deal though. Its one of my favorite yoyos!

Supernova:Idk if I just got lucky or if they are all like this but this has to be one of my smoothest YYF I have if not THE most! It doesnt have as much rim weight on the outside as the MVP or Superstar but still will spin forever. While the Superstar and MVP feel similar the Supernova has a whole different feel. Its hard to describe, its solid and can play as fast as the MVP when it needs to but can also play slow. It has a floaty like feel when on the string but when you do a bind you feel the weight again, it has less of a THUD than the Superstar and MVP if that makes sense.

So all 3 of them are great yoyos, I was just wondering what the Genesis feels like compared to these 3, looks to me like the height of the Supernova with alot of rim weight, not as much as the MVP, like the Superstar’s rim weight but not as wide and a bigger weight ring, but also another stablizing ring in the middle so it probly plays a bit faster than the the Superstar does even though they are almost the same in weight.

I have always heard good things about the Genesis, was just wondering if anyone had any specific details and experiences and could relate them to other YYF metals that I currently have. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, any help/opinions would be greatly appriciated =).



I really enjoy the Genesis for 5A, but I prefer a more ‘organic’ shape for 1A, the big rims on the Genesis and yoyos of that sort tend to just get in my way. My all time favorite YYF is the '09 Severe, though.
It’s definitely a heavier feeling yoyo, if you don’t mind the weight of a stacked Superstar you will probably like the Genesis. That’s not to say they play similarly, because they don’t, but if you enjoy a yoyo on the heftier side you’ll almost certainly appreciate the Genesis at the least.