YYF superstar vs genesis

Im looking to buy a new yoyo, I heard the superstar and genesis are good. So which would you prefer and why? Also, if those two aren’t as good as I thought, is the 888x better ( thats only if the superstar and genesis aren’t as good as I thought, but I think they are). Thanks.

I don’t know either of the throws, but they are legendary for being excellent throws. Most people will tell you that both significantly outperform the 888x, but of course that’s a matter of opinion.

If you weren’t aware, there’s a great YYF sale going on right now:


I would be surprised if a Supernova or Genesis didn’t appear one of those days.

If you do decide on a 888x let me know, I have one that I’m selling.

Which do you think is better and why? Also if these aren’t that good, should I get an 888x instead? Thanks guys!!!

SUPAHSTAH! No just kidding. I like the shape and feel of the the Genesis better, but the Superstar just plain 'ol plays better for some reason.

oops… but anyways I like the genesis :slight_smile:

Every day at 8 I clock go look at the Link GregP mentioned and see if a genesis supernova or 888x comes up.

I have only tried the genesis and I loved it.

But the superstar, never tried it. GENESIS sounds better. When it pops up in that link get it!