YYF Superstar or 888x?


Im getting a new yoyo for christmas, and am only spending $100 I was looking at the YYF Superstar and the YYF 888x. Ik both are good yoyos, the 888x is undersized etc. but i cant really decide what i want. So pleeaaase giive me recomendations!


If you have to get one or the other then the Superstar but have you seen C3 yo’s stuff they have a yoyo called the capless thats really nice. Plus its $65, a lot easier to ask for from your parents, plus i have observed that all yoyofactorys are the same.



The CODE 2 ;D


Please don’t take his advice. Especially on this premise.

I’d say go for the Superstar. They play extremely well and have a very nice shape; a little closed to undersized (for my tastes) and it’s hard to find one with a nice beadblast, though. 888xs aren’t bad, but they have some stability issues, and feel a little cheaper than older 888s.

IMO, you’d be overall happier with a Superstar than an 888x.


I like my superstar, thumb grinds are easy with it and it grinds nice. Stable ive had no probs with it yet. Im not a fan of the 888x tho had one and got rid of it in a few days


if you want bigger throws then go for the superstar. If you like small throws then go for the 888x.

That said, I will go for the Superstar as it is more stable and more forgiving. The Superstar seems to be longer spinning too. I have an 888x and it doesn’t get played much. I play my magicyoyo t5 a lot more than my 888x. It might just be preferences though.

Superstar was in my buy list just that I was able to try a C3 Capless and I liked it more. If deciding from those two choices alone, Superstar is the superstar.


Ok so all yyf are not the same but they just don’t do it for me, they might be loved by a lot of people but for $100 i expect a lot more than a shiny yoyo.