888 vs. superstar

i was just wondering why you here so much about the 888 but not the superstar. i don’t care about the yoyo review, i can find all that myself, but i would like some opinions on them if anyone has them. i have never used a metal yoyo at all so i don’t know one from the other.

888 is super smooth and an all around great player the shape feels great in hand and spins are everlasting. Its small enough to be a pocket yoyo yet wide enough so it is very easy to land on the string. I have never tried a superstar so I dont know much about them though

The 888 is small, wide, and nice and speedy.

However, the Superstar is bigger, has a slight H-Shape, and is a smooth player also.

Still, IMO, the 888 is better, due to its size, however, the superstar has longer spin, IMO. They ae both very smooth players, but I think the SS is better if your style is slower.

I’ve never tried either, but I want to try some tricks with the hub / hubstack. I’m totally drawn to the way the Superstar looks. It’s just so clean. I wish there was a way to get to try out yo-yos - maybe borrow one from the library or something.

So yeah… Good question. I was wondering the same thing.

lol a yoyo library… why didn’t i ever think of that?