888 vs. Superstar

Which one do you guys think is a better player or yoyo?

The eight8eight is a very good yoyo. It has long sleep times, good grinds, perfect stability, and much more.

They’re both excellent players, it depends on your preference. If you like bigger yoyos, go for the superstar, if you like smaller, go for the 888. Like I said before they’re both outstanding players.

Snoopy hit it. I can’t find it but there was a post about a week ago about this.

All it comes down to is what your preference is. If you like big, go with the SuperStar. Small, 888. Heavy, SuperStar. Light, 888.

It depends on what you are comparing, the 888 is better at hubstacked play, and smoothness. While the superstar is better at spin time and stability, it is just a matter of preferance.

You could go with the best of both worlds and get a DNA.

he’s right, if you like both, get them combined.

I’ve played with all three and I have to say size is not the only difference. the shape also is a big difference, the superstar has an h-shape which lets it move fast in 1a and comfortable to hold and throw with the two finger hold in 5a. The 888 has a more rounded shape. And compared to the DNA, both are both noticeably heavier

I like the 888 more because it has more of a rounded shape, and is small in size.

Preference again.
What’s the shape you like?
888 Is rounded, Superstar is H-shape.