888, skyline, superstar.

Well i’ve thought about this. I wanted the best Yo-Yo for me. I see all these are popular Yo-Yo’s.

Which one is the best for me?

I like undersized Yo-Yo’s but heavy.

I would like an H, A, or butterfly shape.

I like smooth play, and fast.


Well, all 3 of the yoyos have everything, please dont say “H or A or Butterfly” Only one left is like a imperial. But just stick with your 888… you trade too much, just stay with what you have! Be grateful that you have a 120$ yoyo

Lol, but i have a feel for a skyline or a superstar but i don’t know which one is best for me. I’m probably going to stay with my 888 tho.

You can’t have a heavy yoyo that plays fast…

Plus your 888 is light. Anyway, stick with your ugly 888 ;D

It’s not ugly! Lol. What ever i’ll stay with my 888 then. :wink:


yea the 888 is a great yoyo and if you trade for a superstar, you will probably just get bored and want a 888 again. Thats what happens to me too don’t worry just use a cheap yoyo for a whille then switch back. That’s what I do

888 is the best yoyo ever.

keep spinning


Okay, we get that you just got your 888 and you like it, maybe a little too much, but there is NO NEED to bring up all the old posts just to say it. It’s a little mundane. Make a new post and say, HEY I LOVE MY 888 fine, but for the sake of everyone on here, please stop bringing up month old threads!

Yes - This is an example of a necro. This thread has served its purpose.