YYF "Jensen Kimmett" Superstar VS YYF 888x

which yoyo is better?
Size and weight doesnt matter, but i want a smooth, stable yoyo

Both have the same characteristics, so basically go with the cheaper one.

So… 888x.

lol the 888x is an extremely unstable yoyo you have to be really precise. the superstar is more stable but is slow and not as smooth. if I was you i would get a skyline they are the best of both worlds imo. :slight_smile: hope this helped

They’re both smooth and stable. Superstar more stable.
What kind of shape do you like?

I have a skyline

No they don’t.

No it’s not.


Do you like small and round? Than get a 888X, 44, Boss, or 44 Special.

Do you like large and h-shaped? Then get a Superstar, Genesis, MVP, or Primo.


the 888x is not the most stable yoyo you cant deny that

No I can’t, but it’s not “Extremely Unstable”. It’s in fact the most stable 888 yoyo to date.