Genesis or Superstar?

Which yoyo is better. The Genesis or the Superstar? (which one would you buy)

I’d buy the Genesis, but what are your preferences?

I want the yoyo to be able to catch on the string real easily, and I also want to do a little 5A with it.

I’d say genisis because its directed to 1A, but also plays amazing 5A.

Just wait until the hubstacked genesis comes out, then you can get the best of both.

I’d say genesis.
(I think wouldn’t like my genesis with stacks)

stacks are useless!!! get the old version. The superstar is awesome but the genesis is cheaper :o

Im thinking bout getting one of the stacked ones… I miss my GM2…

They are both amazing yoyos for both 1a and 5a, but I recommend Genesis because of lowwer price.

If price does not play a factor in your decision, Get the Superstar. With all the LE’s latlely you get a great yoyo with a rare designation.($$$$ for later trades)

Both are great choices, however, so it’s your decision.

I really wouldn’t like a Genesis with stacks. I have a Genesis and not yet tried a Superstar, but I really want one, so that is a hard question for me. Let your preferences lead you to the right yoyo.

it is made for 5a and 1a!