super g vs g funk?!?


Okay, so considering the price ( for me, g funk = $40 and super g = $70, but im looking for a cheaper throw…) which would you get? I’ve been admiring the super g for the longest time now, it’s my 4th favorite yoyo players throw, the shape is my absolute favorite. And I hear it’s just awesome. And the g funk. Undersized, which I wanted, h shaped which is also my fav shape. Stable etc. So, which would you get? Considering the price.


Well considering the price probably Super G. This is because with the Super G you’ll save $50, while with the G-funk you’ll only save $14.99 or $24.99 (depending if you get the Champions Collection or not). So you could get a G-funk later since it is not bank breaking expensive, the deal on the Super G is much better since it has the bigger savings considering the price it usually is and the price you’re getting on it. :slight_smile:


I have both and love both. However, I like the g funk so much more. It is a truly special undersized yoyo, whereas the super g feels like just another big, heavy rim weight yoyo. It is good, but there are many other yoyos that are just SO similar. Not many undersized throws are h shaped and super stable like the g funk.