G - funk?


Hey guys anyone have good experience with the g funk? Im very interested in getting it and would love to hear more about it. Comparisons…undersize…feel? Any help would be great thanks!


Honestly, probably wouldn’t buy it. Dont get me wrong, its not bad. You could just get something better for the price. For $10 less you can get a shutter! I felt that the gap which looks like your finger is too small to fit fingers, making it feel weird. If you aren’t just looking for an undersized throw, its big brother, the Super G, is really good.




I honestly was looking for undersized lol i just want a nice solid metal h shape undersize and the g funk fits the bill but im open to other options nothing over 50 though lol


pretty sure the g-funk is too lol.
You could try finding a yuuksta, its like an undersized genesis, I liked it better than the g-funk.


Still easy to get.


Theyres like over a hundred available still

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They are no longer in production. If there are still 100 in stock, it must not be too popular. The Super G is out of stock because it is actually good.


I have mixed emotions about the G-Funk. You can’t do any kind of finger spins on it due to its sticky finish; however, the shape is fantastic and for an undersized yoyo it has a pretty good sleep time and should be able to handle most of your combos. I agree with cyanight that if you aren’t too attached to the idea of an undersized throw, go for the Shutter; its by far one of my favorites. However, if you really want an undersized h-shaped throw, the G-funk will suffice.