shutter or G-funk?


id like different opinions on them both. ive seen little of both. i prefer the shape of the shutter but ive really wanted an undersized throw. is the g funk worth the money?


Really the only reason G-funk is still instock here at YYE is because no one wants them.
I’m sure someones gonna quote me and scream at me for saying that^.


i also considered the horizon. how does it stack up to the shutter?


I would get the shutter, but the horizon and shutter are both great yoyos. If you have a little extra money you could go for a shu-ta which is like an upgraded version of the shutter. The only reason I’m really choosing the shutter over the horizon is because I feel the shape is more fitted to my style, and that my horizon was a bit of a lemon.


Yeah i considered it but that extra money is what would make that decision. alright you’ve convinced me im most likely getting the shutter. but would you recommend any undersized throws?


The magicyoyo N8 is a really good undersized yoyo, and its only like $20. magicyoyos usually dont come with great bearings though, so you will probably need a new bearing for it.
Shutter is really good though, its in my top 3 YYF yoyos and my top 3 all-time yoyos I’ve used, and I’ve used a LOT of yoyos.


then a shutter it is then! yeah i own a few magic yoyos my n5 bearing was awful. yea i actually really considered buying that


Shutter for sure


Yeah, not really an apples to apples comparison.


XD i wont scream at you, but i love my g funk, great pocket buddy, and if you get a good matrix, when he starts to do his lil tilt method, like the dietz does,it’ll straighten right back up, people just hate cuz the size XP, i do love the shutter though too. I VOTE G-FUNK!