G Funk vs Minute


looking for something fast and horizontally stable with diameter 48-52. under $80


Well, I don’t know about those, but as you have probably heard, the shutter is just the best.


Would definitely go minute over G funk in my opinion. G funk felt pretty bland to me.

might check out the fit since it appears to fit the description as well

You can get the YYR Six for $75 but once again I don’t knw if it’s great at horizontal play or not

Want to give the something angle a shoutout since it fits this the best minus the $80 restriction. Same goes the Wooly Marmot 2.

(Bína) #4

From these two definitely Minute. G-funk is just fun pocket throw, but nothing more. Minute on other hand is great competition ready yo-yo, different level than G-Funk.

Yoyofficer Fit is smaller and narrower than Minute, has sharper profile and in my experience can go faster than Minute. It’s also cheaper, for 85$ you can get both Minute and Fit and try both. Minute has advantage in beadblasted surface and in lower weight(and lighter feel).