Minute vs Shutter

I’m currently stuck between theses two throws. I am on a tight budget, so I can only get one. I’ve done plenty of research on here(long time reader, first time posting i think) and elsewhere.

A little bit of background info:
I’ve been throwing since April of this year. I decided to pick out a Duncan Imperial for my 24th and got hooked. Very shortly after I decided it would be best to pick up a Tom Kuhn Rd-1. I still enjoy using it on occasion, but mainly throw a Duncan Raptor I received for Father’s Day.

I’m happy if the progress I have made, but I haven’t tried anything besides what I own so I’m unaware of my own preferences. My raptor is basically right in the middle as far as diameter. I think I would prefer undersized just so it can fit nicely in my pocket if I don’t feel like using my holster. But the shutter could make up for that in play, and the size end up not mattering. I don’t know. I guess I’m asking this:

Which one would you get first. Or which would get you more excited to open if you got both.

Thank you for your time and sorry for my lack of knowledge Hehe.

If you want undersized, go minute and don’t look back.

I have two Shutters, a smooth one and a blasted one.

The Minute does not currently attract my interest. However, I would appreciate having an opportunity to play one. It’s just on the smaller side of things and I prefer more full sized.

I think for now, especially with you being relatively new, Shutter. The larger size and more generous dimensions will make learning tricks easier. My only other tip is to go for the blasted finish. While you may not be into grinds now, you will be later. More important, I feel the blasted finish feels better than the smooth finish.


Minute is smaller and lighter, but is still stable and long-spinning enough to satisfy anyone. And it has features for every grind, catch, and matador trick you could want to learn. :wink: For my money, I’d get the Minute.

However, I played the Shutter for a handful of minutes and was very impressed at how well it played. It will spin a bit longer and be a bit more stable than the Minute… but it’s not a night and day comparison or anything.

I think that for me, possibly because I already understand what I like in a yoyo, the Minute takes it. But if you’d rather have full-sized, the Shutter is a great choice.

At this point I’m not sure if I’d prefer a throw that is easier to learn on or one that will challenge me, but pay off in the end(hopefully). How much more accuracy would be required for the Minute? No doubt, there are times when I get very frustrated learning a new trick, but those frustrating times always tend to leave me more satisfied than a trick I get more easily.

That being said, the shutter won’t come with knowledge, muscle memory, or eye hand coordination. So, difficulties will still be plentiful, and maybe a little better stability and spin time, as well as the bigger diameter and width would be beneficial since things are only going to get more complex as I advance.

Werrd makes some great stuff. I love the new Eighty-Six 400 I purchased. The Minute I will NOT consider buying until I try. I’m kinda this way on the Werrd stuff. I trust the quality of the products of this company, but not all their models have been a hit with me, so I’d just prefer to know first hand like/dislike before I buy. I got to try the Eighty-Six 400 at Nationals and I was hooked.

Look, if the Shutter is good enough for Gentry Stein to take the 2013 1A National title in the United States, I’m sure that yoyo is good enough for any of us here on the forum if we want one.

You don’t want unnecessary challenges right now. Get the Shutter and keep moving forward. Using a different yoyo won’t change a whole lot as far as motor and muscle memory. If you know the trick, you’ve earned the skill. Different yoyos of any kind will help you fine tune it.