Minute or Shutter?

Trying to decide between a YYF shutter or the new werrd minute. I like the Magicyoyo T5 but I dont know which shape I would like better. I like the shutter for the round full size shape and IGR. I like the minute for the profile, grinding surface and for the brand. Would appreciate some feedback.

I have played both, I like both, but the minute plays smoother and nimbler. I like this better in a yoyo.

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Thanks i appreciate that.

The shutter is so good. I got mine yesterday and am thoroughly impressed.


They are both superb though, so really pick what you want. I just like the minute better.

I don’t like smaller yoyos generally, but the minute is super legit. In terms of play, its more welcoming. Its got a good presence on the string.

I have only played the shutter and I love it. It is fantastic for IRGs and for finger spins. You can’t go wrong with this throw.

I’ve never played with the minute, so all I can say is that you won’t be disappointed if you get a Shutter. Fantastic throw.

I haven’t played any of the newer “Time” series Werrd models. They visually don’t appeal to me, so I’m not willing to buy one before trying one. Hopefully someone at Nats will have some of these for me to try. I won’t rule them out, but I really would like to try them first and make a better qualified decision. If I try them and like them, the odds are good that I’d buy them over time.
(See what I did there?)

I have gotten the Shutter and I am very pleased with it. For me, it was an easy choice as I already have other stuff with similar shapes that I enjoy. As a result, the Shutter was no surprise that I’d enjoy it.

I got the opportunity to play the minute at worlds and I got a shutter when they dropped. I much prefer the shutter personally. The minute was too heavy and fast for my style, where as the shutter is more stable and floaty.

I’d get the shutter+A twisted trifeca, center trac, or similar. I find mine has some vibe with the spec bearing.

Okay, I think that I will go for the shutter and maybe get the Minute for holidays (Although I would rather get an OD chik). I feel that I would like it better and it is slightly cheaper. I also like flowy feeling yoyos than fast yoyos. I will come back with a review for You all.

I haven’t played a Minute, but I can say with no doubt in my mind that the Shutter is the best YYF yoyo out there (imo). The Minute probably plays awesome too, I’ve played the Hour, Irony JP, and Tre and was thoroughly impressed with all of them. Also, the Shutter is cheaper, so you can grab some string too, and it is totally worth it to replace the stock bearing, it’s not that good.

I have never played the Minute, but I highly recommend the Shutter. I can’t seem to put it down.

I’d boil or down to a which do I get first sort or question, since both are affordable relatively, and both seem to fill a different niché in how they play.

I would say that if you are gettin one of these instead of a OD chik the. Is have to say that is a mistake as I love the chik and Happen to own two :slight_smile: I love it that much.

Good luck with your choice and I think either way you will be excited and without buyers remorse either way B).

I have neither. A Shutter should arrive in my mail box within 4 to 5 days at the max.

About the Minute, do not get it because you like the company. Get it because you like the diameter, width, shape, weight, etc.

Although love for a company can lead you to pick up a yoyo you might not otherwise so sometimes brand happy purchases aren’t horrible. But I generally agree open up the choices based on the factors mentioned :).

I’ve used both and own a shutter and tbh I love the shutter more than the minute.