Has anyone bought the shutter and how is it.


I have and it is amazing! Very smooth and I enjoy the weight distribution on it. I also like how the shape is similar to the Super G, yet noticeably different. I hope that makes sense. Lol

I bought 2 of them and my friend and I swapped halves. So mine are red/blue (Murica!!!) and black/green, where his is green/purple (Incredible Hulk). ;D


They’re amazing! I plan to get two this saturday if I can.


Better or worse than g funk?


Better for sure, although the g-funk is pretty nice.


Hmmm i might need to get one.


I highly suggest you do.
The price is crazy ridiculous.


Shutter is awesome! I just got one today! At its price it’s like stealing. Great yoyo, great price! :slight_smile:


How comfortable is the yoyo in your hand?


Very, atleast in my small hands.


Comfortable in larger hands too… (6’5" so…)


When I got my Shutter and threw it for the first time I already knew it was going to be my favorit throw and it is today.


I ordered one Saturday and can’t wait for it to come in.

(major_seventh) #14

Its stable and on the heavy side, and plays really nice.


Its 800X better.

Haha just kidding. I didn’t really like the g funk, and loooooooved the shutter. Might get one later on.


You liked the super g though, right?


Er Meh Gerd. I got one for my birthday and I think it beat my SuperNova. The trick is awesome.


Same! I got one for my bday (yesterday) but it actually came on last tuesday. It definetely beats my g funk.


Someone bring me a Shutter I have a Cascade to offer…