Do You Ever get tired of the shutter

Hi Gentry Do you ever get tired of the shutter, sometimes for me sticking with the same shape for too long gets really boring

Thanx for answering

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Once you reach a certain point, it isn’t the shape of the yoyo that creates the fun. Instead, what you do with the tool itself is fun. I feel that the Shutter, performance wise, is the best yoyo on the market. That is why I choose to use it, and that is why I will continue to use it.


I got the shut-ta and I like it better than the old shutter, also got a horizon, if you own a shutter or shut-ta a horizon is a must have. They really compliment each other

I know that I never get tired of the Shutter. I have to agree with Gentry, it is one of the best yoyos in the performance category. Especially for its price.

sorry, i don’t have one, but the yoyo factory dv888 is realy fun to play with. I suggest it for you.