So what do u guys think of the shutter?

I would like to hear some down to earth opinions!!

I really want to get one

its both fun to play and extremely reliable, can’t ask for more


Based on the price, they should discontinue the dv888 and just make this instead.

For the most part, keep in mind this is not going to be released for another couple of days. It will be a few days after that before it gets into the hands of a lot of people. After that, it will take time for reviews to trickle in.

While I already have one, I’m still on the first impressions phase. I’ve put in enough time to determine that this ain’t leaving the collection. My eyes generally don’t deceive me, now that I know what I need to look for.

One of the things I can say is that the price point amazes me. First, I’m still reeling from the fantastic price of the 2013 SuperStar. The Shutter is also like taht, where the price is just really is not any sort of an indicator of performance. I’m a big fan of low cost, quality and high performance. RecRev has been a brand known for this. The Shutter really puts YYF into that game with the Shutter. The shape of the Shutter reminds me a bit of the “@” and sine//saw though, and those are new models I really enjoy. While the Shutter doesn’t quite connect to me the “@” and sine//saw.
Back to the Shutter:
What’s not to like. V-type shape, but with some H-type attributes, but it’s more of a V-type shape.
It feels to me rather evenly weighted across the rim from center to the outer edge, but there is a touch more weight on the rims just to help with horizontal play.
The cup portions are kind of strange. There is a slight rise until the center cup. I’m wondering if this is some sort of grind feature in addition to cup in the center that’s clearly for finger spins.
The extra weight on the outer rims also gives you IRG capabilities.
Grinds in general aren’t that great since this is relatively smooth. It’s not the smoothest(texture) YYF ever, but I’d say if they soda blasted it, it would be fantastic. In my experience, YYF hasn’t made most of their yoyos to have great grinding surfaces. I’m kinda fixated on this right now since I’m learning grinds. The ability to grind is NOT a deal breaker for me though.
Where the graphics are helps texture some of the grindable in the outer portion of the rims a bit. What I like about the graphics is they are simple, to the point and clearly identify the product. I like labels. I like stuff being easily identifiable. I have a large collection of microphones, and all of them are clearly marked. While like with yoyos, I can identify them by look alone, my collection of yoyos is larger than my collection of mics, but my mics are all properly labeled and my yoyos are not. As my memory fails as I age, mics won’t be a problem. Yoyos might be. My crew can’t even recognize most of my mics by site. They do all know about my “yoyo problem” though and I think they pretend to support me. But, in a pinch, if I ask for a Chief or a Wrath or something else unmarked, I’m gonna get get the wrong yoyo unless Roy is the one getting it for me(he’s on my crew, he also throws, he’s also a user here). If I ask my crew for an I5 top/bottom on snare, subkick, D6 and Beta 91 on kick Pro35 on the toms, ATM450 on hat, F15’s on over-heads and an OM5 for drummer vocal and then split to do something else, I can pretty much count on it getting done right the first time. Yes, my crew is that good!

Wow, went off topic. My bad.

Graphics and markings again. Each side shows the player name and model. One side has the name in print and in the center the product name “Shutter” in the center cup. On the other side, Shutter is printed smaller in a different area, with an anodized autograph in the center cup. Very nice way to break it up, yet keep it clean. Nice touch, YYF!

The shape is comfortable in my hand. The yoyo halves are very consistent and evenly covered with no variations that I could see. The anodizing job is fantastic. The colors pop because the yoyo isn’t a great grinder. Mine being blue/blue, it’s a nice blue and it pops really nice. It feels good in motion. My throws haven’t been as smooth as of late, but doing the fingernail test, this yoyo smooths out very, very well. I seem to detect a hint of vibe, but I’m fine with that. I’m suspecting that some yoyos might end up dead smooth. Maybe a different bearing might fix that(read on). I’m not OCD over vibe. A tiny amount of vibe helps me stay connected to the yoyo. If I was complaining about vibe, then it’s an issue. I’m not complaining, so it’s not a concern for me. Keep in mind I’ve only played this one, not a dozen of them.

About the only negative thing I have to say about this yoyo is something I can control. It comes with a stock YYF SPEC bearing. I’ve had a lot of these bearings go bad on me, but I’ve also had plenty of decent ones. For now, I see no reason to swap the bearing out currently. I’m enjoying play with a flat bearing. I think part of the decision to go with this bearing was to keep costs at $44.99(what I paid). Adding a different bearing would require the price to bump up a bit. Even so, it would still be a fantastic value.

The response seems to be the standard YYF CBC 19mm slim pad. No complaints by me. It would probably take flowable like a champ!
A lot of people are aware of the “Bearing Grip of Death” common to many YYF yoyos. As for mine, I am not having that kind of problem. The bearing was snug. Using the YYF bearing puller, the bearing quickly and easily came out. This is a perfectly acceptable amount of “grip”.


Nothing special. Just your standard YYF packaging. Nothing bad, nothing to complain about.

Of course, this is all first impression stuff. I don’t do reviews anymore. Steve Brown said reviews are dumb. Who am I to argue? People only write reviews when they like something. So do I. Therefore, there’s no point in doing a review.

I apologize to anyone who thought this was a review. It isn’t. I apologize for wasting people’s time.


I know a place you can pre-order one for $44.97, if you PM me I’ll tell you where. I believe they’re going to start shipping then in about a day.

You can pre-order them on YYE store…

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