Small and fast


Any ideas for small and fast throws? Metal - Plastic - Hybrid - V - H






G-funk, definitely.


angle xs


Werrd minute. Cheap and best undersized yoyo I have seen


I’m going with what Moise said. You must buy the crap out of the YYF G Funk. I bought one on sale just because it was cheap and I still can’t believe the performance I get out of that thing. It’s also one of the few yoyos that I think performs great with the bog standard flat bearing. By the way- the folks at YYE love it too! They said so on the store page.

A great man once said; ‘Many yoyos a man may throw, but to G-funk he will always go.’… Actually that was me… Just then… You probably couldn’t tell because it was so wise…

Er… Buy a G-funk.


With nubs or spacks.


agreed. G-funk is king.


Werrd minute is also a pretty good option