Opinions on the G-Funk


What do you guys think about the G-Funk? What does it play like? Is it stable? Is it worth the price?


Omg YES! It also spins for a long time! It’s my all time favorite undersized throw! :slight_smile: I find it to be a really fun throw. It’s also stable. It impressed me. :smiley: I would definitely recommend this YoYo :wink:


Plays Like a Yuuksta with beefy rims and less center weight


The best undersized yoyo in my opinion it’s super we’ll rounded as well . To shorten this it’s my favorite / go to yoyo I never leave the house with out it but throw a concave in it it will treat you much better that way.


It’s a really great little undersized. It’s even smaller in your hand than it looks in photos, so be prepared for that-- it’s truly “undersized”. However, it does not lack for stability or smoothness and will handle pretty much any trick you throw at it. Not a great grinding surface, but I imagine they save money on blasting in order to pass it along to the consumer as a lower-priced option.

If it’s grabbing your interest at all and you understand that it’s undersized, you can’t do much better than the G-Funk, so go for it!


Spins FOREVER, has good run weight. But too small for me, though. :-\


What bearing should I use in it?


The one that comes with it, of course!


Lol I mean should i put a ct or a kk in it?


KK’s tend to be a little bit smoother. But CT’s spin very freely.


Yeah I know I despise center tracs cause they are so loud but I wanted to see if it drastically improves play


Crucial Grooved Bearings are pretty nice. I recommend that.


Crucial grooved or trifecta?


They’re both nice but the trifecta is better