How is the play on the G-Funk?


Might get one! just wondering?

(Owen) #2

Spins forever.

Very stable.

Get it


Just got one for my kid. Needed something small, kinda heavy. It is. Then add smoothness and surprisingly stable for the price(Champions Edition!!), and it becomes even better.


I got my champion edition gfunk this past Monday, and let me say, it plays great, very stable, long spins, don’t underestimate this yoyo, it plays with the best of them.


I’ve had one for a few weeks now. For an undersized it’s unbelievably stable. It played a little on the heavier side for me at first, but I was throwing a Cafe Racer before I got my G-Funk so that explains the transition. It’s definitely worth the money if you’re into undersized throws. I might add that the extreme shape looks mighty fine on a yoyo so small, but if you’ve got above average sized hands it might be a little uncomfortable. Good luck! :wink:


i got one too days ago and stock it plays like a beast