Thoughts on the SPYY Punchline Repeater?


Anyone own/tried one? Looking at it as my first undersized!
Is it stable? Floaty? Hefty?


Just got one yesterday. I will play it for the rest of the night and get back to you in the morning. 54 consumed today’s throwing.


Two and a half hours later… This one is coming to work tomorrow. Comfortable in the hand plays like a full size on the string.


Great! So how is it? Stable? Floaty? Hefty? Long spinning? Smooth?


Very stable, a little heavy for its size but not to heavy.


I like a bit heavy. Long spinner too, i hope?


Coffelt nailed it.

It plays a little bigger than it is, but not big enough.


What do you mean with “but not big enough.”? That it should play like an even bigger yoyo?


Just that it’s a little too small for my tastes. I like nice full-sized yoyos.


Anyone else want to share their experience with this one?