Would like some help

Hey, I am looking for a new yoyo, price isn’t really an issue. I like full to mid size and I like flow, I am not afraid to try new companies. My current throws chief, drop bear, arctic circle, sasquatch, avalanche, wooly marmot, burnside,canvas.

Maybe the Albatross is your yoyo

Maybe a grind machien would work its cheap at thirty bucks and has hubstacks :smiley:

A SPYY Punchline Repeater would be what you need. Mid sized, And the ultimate in flow, i mean c’mon, It’s Guy Wrights signature throw! I would get one if i were you.

yet it cots upwords of sisty bucks i would wonder if he has that money to give like that and how good he is. Dont mean to be a hater or anything

If he has all those CLWY throws he mentioned, I’m more than sure he’s willing to spend over $60.

No. Just no. lol

One Drop has some nice medium-full sized high quality throws.

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a one drop DANG :wink:

he said price wasnt an issue, so what does it matter? lol

Let people spend what they want to spend regardless of skill level.

I’m not that good but I find using some of the better metals really helps my play. I can also afford it as well But seriously, sometimes having a good metal yoyo can make all the difference. I’ll work on stuff using various stuff I own, then go back to my DM2, as the high-wall makes me have to hit it cleaner, then work the trick down on undersized throws.

I wouldn’t spend the big bucks if one is still not decided to seriously commit to this sport/hobby. If one is choosing to make the big jump, then why not?

get a neeeeesssiieee!!!