YYF G-Funk Review

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The YoYoFactory G-Funk Review:
By: Brandon1

I’ve had this yo-yo for about a week now, and since there are sparse (if any at all) reviews on this yoyo, I’ve decided to help out the yoyo community with one of the first reviews on this yoyo. Enjoy! :slight_smile:



First Impressions:

When I got the package in the mail, I quickly tore open the box. This yoyo came in the typical YoYoFactory packaging; which includes the yo-yo itself, one piece of “neon yellow” string, and some sort of “instruction booklet.” Which includes tutorials on how to Bind, Grind, and do “Brain Twister” (they changed it from just the old sheet of paper to a booklet type thing). The first thing I noticed was the rich finish; which is bead blasted with a very nice anno job (I got the “solid red” color), and it’s small size.


Diameter: 1.97 inches (50.07 mm)
Width: 1.55 inches (39.44 mm)
Weight: 66 grams
Shape: Wing
Response: Silicone
Bearing: Size C YYF spec bearing (.250x .500x .187)
Signature: Gentry Stein
Price: $64.99 (FundaMETAL)

Cosmetics (Apperance):

This yo-yo looks almost exactly like the YYF Super G (which this yo-yo is based off of). The only difference is the size. The Super G is full-sized, and the G-Funk is undersized and fits in your pocket nicely. The rim weight is as maxed out as possible, and it still fits very comfortably in your hand. The “record player” logo looks really nice on this yo-yo; especially when it’s spinning. This yo-yo just looks great, no matter what.


“Meat and Potatoes” (General Play):

String Tricks:

The general play on the string for this yo-yo is incredible! It can move at whatever speed you need it to, but for the most part I would consider it a floaty player. This yoyo is also very smooth. Not quite “888” smooth, but smooth nonetheless. For the price of this yo-yo, this yo-yo’s play on the string is remarkable.


This yoyo’s binds are snappy and tight. Probably what is responsible for this is the silicone response. Also keep in mind that this yo-yo’s stock bearing is dry. So it will be dead unresponsive out of the box!

Spin Time:

No, I didn’t time it; considering everyone’s throw is different, the spin time can vary immensely. But the spin times in general are excellent. The reason this is is probably because of the maxed out rim weight. Not only does it give this yo-yo great spin times, but it also makes it very stable. But, I’m sure if you have a somewhat decent throw, at the very least it can break 1 min.


If I could describe them in one word, it would be “solid.” Regular arm grinds are very smooth and long. This makes transfers and stalls very smooth. Thumb grinds are also very easy with this yo-yo. Even if you have big fingers, I guarantee you can do them no problem on this yo- yo. This yo-yo has a very nice outer lip for them. However, you still may have to throw the yo-yo a little bit to the side to be able to keep your thumb in there. Finger grinds are not good, but they are not terrible either. Due to the specific shape of this yo-yo, your finger hits [grinds against] two different “walls,” making the yo-yo tip more and die out faster. But overall, the finish on this yo-yo is perfect for grinds.


You have nothing to worry about here. Thanks to the extreme rim weight this yo-yo is very stable. It won’t tip very easily at all, unless you throw bad, or deliberately make it tip. It wouldn’t say it’s quite as stable as a Genesis, but it is a pretty close call.




  • Silicone Replacement: You have two options: Buy flowable silicone and apply it youself, or buy the pre-made YYF K-pads.
  • Bearing: Just normal lubing and cleaning. I guess this applies to any modern ball bearing yoyo. For some pointers on cleaning a bearing, look here.

Pros and Cons:


  • Great spin times.
  • Affordable price.
  • Very stable.
  • Great pocket yo-yo.
  • Great finish for grinds.


  • Dings show up/ stick out a lot (but that doesn’t affect play).
  • The shape can take some getting used to.
  • The anno comes off a little bit near the bearing seat (again, doesn’t affect play).
  • Has a very slight vibe sometimes.
  • Sometimes gets loud.

Closing Thoughts:

For the most part, this is a very good yo-yo for the price. I’d say it’s defiantly worth owning if you are looking for a good first full metal yo-yo. It also would serve as another great addition to a growing collection. This yo-yo offers very smooth play on the string for it’s price range (fundaMETAL). This yo-yo also has impressive spin times and stability due to the extreme rim weight. It is a shrunken down Super G that offers premium play, at an affordable price. Well done YoYoFactory!


Great review. Now i really want it but have no money.


Great review! Just letting you know, annodize is the coloring. Bead blast is the finish.

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Fixed! ;D


I’m going to get a g-funk Soon


I kind of want one, but not sure.


:slight_smile: Great Review Brandon.

I agree with all you said.
After spending time throwing both the Chaotic and the Yuuksta, I thought the G-Funk had tuned the “H” shape perfectly. It felt like it was made for my hand and the weight is dead on. Add a center track bearing and this is one great throw!

The G-Funk and it’s older bigger brother the “Super G” have become my primary throws.
I highly recommend both of them.


Didn’t really interest me. I got a Di Base instead


I got my gfunk I love the gfunf…mostly the shape


I’d like to hear how g-funk compares to super g. Does anyone who has both prefer one over the other or do they play fairly identical, just a size difference? I haven’t bought a new yo since my yuuksta, which is my favorite throw right now, but something about these yo’s catches my eye.


I prefer the super G over the G funk… there is a bit more space between the outer set of walls and is more comfortable for me to hold… if you have childrens hands (pretty much most people under high shcool age) the G funk will be just fine, but i find the Super G all around more comfortable…

also, the Super G can carry more momentum, because of being bigger and a larger diameter, resulting in a bit better stability and spin capability… hope this helps


Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I’ve got big hands and I’m a fan of stability, so it sounds like the super g will probably be more for me. Yoyo’s are turning into luxury purchases for me these days, so it’s good to have someone’s input.