di base 2 vs g-funk?


Im going to get a yoyo for around $50 and I have been looking at the di base 2 and the g-funk. Im looking at the di base 2 because I hear it’s really a ‘bang for the buck’ yoyo. I like those for sure :D. And the g-funk because it would be a nice pocket throw to keep around with me. Which do you think is better? Do they boy have spec bearings or does one have a better bearing?
;D thanks! ;D


Im leaning twords g-funk. Is it super small or just smaller?


Get the di base 2


Thanks for the detail


I don’t care for the G-Funk. There’s nothing wrong with it in any way, it’s just not a good fit for me. I think it’s definitely a good yoyo to be considering for the price range and size. What’s not to like? H-shape, loads of rim weight, very stable for it’s size, and with a clean bearing, you’ll get amazing spin times out of it. This yoyo didn’t fit my hand very well and the shape is not one of my favorite shapes. The yoyo itself is top quality as far as construction and materials are concerned, and it’s available in a few different colors. My son’s issue with his was the bearing was crap and had to be destroyed to be removed. YYF has improved the “grip of death” issue so future G-Funks are probably not going to have this problem. If you’re into smaller yoyos, this is a model you want to check out. I do think this comes with a YYF SPEC bearing, so a bearing upgrade is recommended.

The DiBase 2 I would only hesitate to recommend because I haven’t played one yet, but I’m planning to get one soon. I really like the C3 product line and the DiBase really blew me away. I’ve been consistently pleased with this brand. C3 has a consistent record of their $50 and up yoyos performing in the at least $100 or above price range despite the budget-friendly prices. Mid-sized, loads of weight on the rim, under-cut at the rim area, it should be very stable. If it’s like the regular DiBase, it should also be very smooth as well. This is more V-shaped, so the catch area may feel a bit bigger as a result.

I think it really comes down to if you like H-shapes or V-shapes and/or things like colorway preferences. Both are rim-weighted and close to the same shape and weights. The DiBase 2 is midsized, the G-Funk is undersized.


Thanks, I think im going with a g-funk. I like the shape more, and I’ve always wanted a undersized yoyo, so im excited for it! Nobody has told me (i dont know how you would answer this) how small is it? Is it super undersized or just a little bit small like the dv888? Can you name a yoyo about the same size? Is it going to take a while to adjust to the size? Thx


Oh god, I thought the g-fink was $50, its $65 soooo… Yah. The di base 2 or a yoyo in that price range, or under.


I’m not sufficiently familiar with the g-funk to have a meaningful opinion of it.

Not long ago, I was shopping for a moderately priced (more than $29.95, but well under $75) throw, and seriously considered the Di Base 2. Only real drawback to it was that it was so new, there was very little feedback on it at the time. (What was out there tended to be positive, though.)

I wound up buying a used 2012 Augie Fash Catalyst, for $35, with which I’m basically happy.

Still, the Di Base 2, and - for less than $15 more - the Capless, strike me as hard to beat in their price range.

For a few bucks less than the Di Base 2, it’s possible to pick up a new-in-box DV888, via eBay. I see some listed with Buy It Now prices of $40-45, shipping included. Some maintain that the DV888 is “characterless,” but for $40 I don’t think anyone can legitimately criticize the yoyo too harshly.

Yeah, I’d rather have an Arctic Circle, but it’s triple your budget. (And no, I’m sure it’s not 3x as good, to the extent such things can be meaningfully measured.)


How about that Strix?


Ya can’t go wrong with a yoyoofficer aura or brave.


The G-Funk normally is $64.99 I believe, but the champions edition is $54.99, which is what I believe you were looking at before. :wink:


Di Base 2

No Doubt