g-funk vs capless vs di base 2?


Hey guys! I was thinking about getting a di base 2, but I thought I might get the g-funk or capless too. Also, is the g - funk really small? Like compared to a supernova (my main throw) how small is it? How do they compare? Which comes with a better stock bearing? I think it’s capless, but just wanna make sure. Also (ik this question is asked to often and can’t really answer it) which sleeps longest? im not really sure if the di base 2 compares to these though…


There’s nothing wrong with any of those.

Yes, the G-Funk is small. It’s a good player, it really is. My son has one. I just personally don’t care for this yoyo though.

The DiBase2 is mid-sized. I like the original DiBase, so I am strongly tempted to pick this one up very soon. It’s mid-sized and designed for being able to handle horizontal play on a mid-sized platform including gyro-tricks. The weight is pushed out to the rims to give as much stability to the yoyo as possible in any axis of spin.

The Capless is full sized. It’s a softer shape, but still just as capable.

As far as spin times, any will do you just fine. The capless, being the largest, will of course sleep the longest on a good, hard, straight throw, because, well, it’s the biggest and I think heaviest. I rarely judge a yoyo on sleep time. Sleep time to me is a function of the mechanics of my throwing of the yoyo, but also because I clean and treat nearly all my yoyos and bearings, I do what I can at the yoyo level, the rest is up to me. If you can get through your tricks, you have enough spin time. As you play more, your sleep times/spin times will improve.

Which comes with the best stock bearing? Well, that can be a crap shoot. My son’s GFunk bearing locked up and I couldn’t remove the bearing without destroying it due to YYF’s “death grip” issues. But, other people have done just fine with the stock YYF SPEC bearing. My experiences with the SPEC bearings have unfortunately not been favorable.

The DiBase2 and Capless will come with a decent bearing as well, but an upgrade might be considered, but only if you feel it is needed.

Really, these are all different shapes. The DiBase2 and G-Funk are actually a bit more similar since they are pushing more weight out to the outer rims, but their shapes are very different as is their sizes. The Capless is a bit more "well rounded’ with more weight distribution throughout the rims, but a bit extra near the edges for added stability and I think it has an IRG. It’s been a while since I played mine.